WIW 3 Library Road Dun Laoghaire



Has anybody got a view on the property/ area? It’s in pretty rough shape internally: the half finished paint job on the facade replicates ham-fisted attempts to tart up the inside of it.

It’s got a curious neighbour up the street in No.9. Bought for €210K in 2015 > big extension and completely done up 2 bed > sold for €560K (off an asking of €445K!) in late 2017. Now back on the market at €545 with no offers after a couple of months of prime season exposure. An e.agent involved reckons that that €560K is the result of folk utterly losing the run of themselves in a more frothy 2017 and reckons there’s not a hope of getting anywhere near that now.


No. 3 probably won’t get planning to do what No.9 did. The planners have form (on an application involving No.1) for refusing overbearing extensions and the lay of neighbouring land is different at No.3 than it was at No.9.

Let’s say it finishes at perhaps 68 sqm (instead of No.9’s cavernous 77 sqm!)

What’s crime/traffic/noise like down there? Does the parking outside fill up with town visitors at weekends?


old school neighbourhood- surrounding streets are social housing and will remain so in perpetuity (Dominick st/Desmond ave, cross ave etc although they look like houses are mostly duplexes) but very settled/mostly pensioner demographic. Have never heard of ASB in the area. Parking spots hard to find at any time. Has the usual pros and cons of town centre living


Cheers tt. The divil can be in the precise location - you’ll get one street that’s fine, then another a hundred yards away which is not, simply because the one a rat run and the other not. There’s a dearth of barbed wire on low gardens walls-onto-street - which is reassuring. You reckon safe enough?

Is Dun Laoghaire on the up in your view or stagnant or declining? You’ve got, for instance, the Florentine Centre in Bray which might well kickstart the town again. Anything happening in DL?


I would be up and down Library road regularly in the daytime and even though the Bloomfield centre car park is there and there are two garages nearby the traffic never appears heavy. There is a school on Convent road and other general traffic but i have never seen it too bad - others may know different around morning rush hour but i am never there at that time. That end of George’s st is going a little up market now and would appear to be on the up, the old carnegie library is due a refurb but i don’t know what use it will be put to.

there is never much footfall on the street but like i said it is often fully parked out in the morning/afternoon- the two commercial garages appear to park cars on street- I grew up up the road and the general environs was always well regarded and considered a respectable area.


I’m only down that way a few times a year but it’s true, it never appears trafficked much - for somewhere so close to main street.

That’s makes for a gold standard testimony. Thanks. Now for a bit of digging…


It’s mapped wrong here it is, looks like a nice area but DL is in decline, also house needs a good bit of money / gutting

google.co.uk/maps/@53.29208 … 384!8i8192


Aye, it be needing money alright, not least because of the position of the rear stairwell which others have had to demolish entire before extending. Expensively quaint.

I’d have thunk DL would be on the up (having already had it’s decline): it being southside / coast / Dart. It does look a bit tired here and there though. I recall some problem getting a decent anchor for the shopping centre post refurb (which must be a bit of a kick on the townhalls for the centre owners).

The question is, all things considered, what’s a 55sqm doer upper worth round there