WIW 3 lower churchtown road...

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 14/2653580

Looks a little cheap to me. If the cash buyers were gone, then maybe this is a realistic price, but the way things are, with so little decent housing, 650k for this house seems like value.
That said, no pics of many of the rooms.


I’m presuming everyone is out trying to get a viewing on it. :slight_smile: I’ve been told that the date for a viewing has not been set as yet. 14a up the road sold for 765 in July and in my view was not a patch on number 3.
Can see it getting 800+ these days.
Roll on the end of the cash buyer!!

I noticed this - assuming there are no legal/structural issues, etc - I expect this will sell for much higher…
Number 12 was asking 650k, but it needed a lot of renovation work. It seems to have disappeared from Myhome though…?

This seems to be walk-in condition, so ya, 850 perhaps in this mad climate. Unless someone has cash though it’s a hell of a lot of mortgage at 5% ish

Found number 12 here. daft.ie/searchrental.daft?id=1385656


So number 12 now for rent at 2k per month… I could swear I saw it up for sale on myhome a few weeks ago asking 650k…

This may be detached but extension options are already maxed out at 180sqm, and minus the attic conversion it’s just a 146sqm 3 bed.

So I wouldn’t call it “cheap” at 650k.

From myhome:
“Deceptively spacious accommodation over three floors of approximately 181 sq.m. (1,948 sq.ft.) with an additional 35sq.m. (385 sq.ft) at loft level”
Would suggest the property is 181 sq.m. not including attic conversion…

Ah, so it is. The first floor is about 70sqm and the ground floor is much larger.

I was squinting at the microscopic floor plans. :smiley:

…nice house, nice garden…seems cheap…

Looks like its priced to go. Correct strategy in my view. This will go for a good bit more than asking I would think. I see the attraction of being close to town and I like the style of house but I would not pay the premium this road always seems to command.

Priced to go? 334 per sq ft is not exactly cheap.

All the same, it looks like a decent refurb so somebody will like the convenience of the walk-in condition.

Pricing is a dark art. I think “priced to go” is the right approach right now. When the crash comes, the first reaction will be for buyers to be like deer in the headlights. Everything will stop. The sellers are wise to go for a quick transaction.

I agree - but that’s where the market is right now. This is priced like a refurb, but from the photos looks like it’s walk-in condition.

This is sort of in my budget but I’m struggling to love it. Here comes the pebble dash rant, I should probably start a blog…

The dash runs to ground level on the LHS, suggesting (with the asymmetrical roofline and internal layout) a side extension. Why would they not have extended the brick to the LHS? Is this some sort of architectural extremism concerning not passing off modern “improvements” as original?

How practical/expensive would it be to rip and render on four sides?

Regarding the refurb, it’s still only an E1 so they’ve not pushed the boat out too far.

Classy entrance though.

There is a curious lack of photos of anything other than the kitchen. I am wondering if it was the full extent of any refurbishment.

How can numbers like 2k rent and 650k price, or 850k for more rent if in better condition, make anything seem cheap or reasonably priced?

You’re not the only one who dislikes the stuff. Furthermore, they also appear to have pebble dashed the garden, at least the bit they haven’t covered with planks. If there’s one thing I loathe more than pebble dash, it’s decking. Its only conceivable use is to fuel the patio heaters and barbecues that invariably come with this kind of thing. :frowning:

But if everyone got rid if it where would all the poor rats live? :frowning:

Still not available for viewings, and it’s been what, 3 weeks? Something about tenants being in situ, but still, surely this isn’t a huge problem? Lisney also have another property off Bushy Park Road, listed at around the same time, with the same situation! Makes you wonder what the point of listing it was in the first place, and if it’s really for sale…

Maybe the tenants don’t want anyone walking around the house and the landlord wasn’t willing to make it worth their while?

This sounds like a classic Nama job with tenants unwilling to move out, allow EA access, or allow viewings.
The price also reflects this as in many cases I believe the EA is told what price to put it on at, even if they agree or not.
This will go way over IMO. My guess is 820k!