WIW 3 Northbrook Road, Ranelagh, Dublin 6

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I’m in love but alas wide beyond our budget. What do people think it will go for ? 4 Northbrook went for 1.1 in 2010 and 23 for 2 mil a few months ago although this had had a very expensive refurb

Love this house’s facade, its probably the best looking on Northbrook. It is fortunate to have good original features, such as the beautiful stairs. On the other hand, needs a ton of work. There’s not a thing in the house (other than the original features) that wont be ripped out and replaced. The ground floor will most likely have to be totally reconfigured, probably accompanied by a modern single storey rear extension - which would eat into the already diminished garden. Bedroom situation far from ideal also, with only three bedrooms - none of which are ensuite. These Victorian homes are a pain being over basement. Two storey homes are infinitely more practical as you can have a nice 50/50 mix of bedrooms/bathrooms and living areas. In Victorians you end up with 33/66 of bedrooms/bathrooms to living space, with the hall level rarely used - which is a bit ridiculous. I suppose you’d have to just settle with having a fourth bedroom with a nice ensuite at garden level or turn the existing hall level kitchen into a small bedroom.

Do you think it will go for asking or beyond ?

What doesn’t these days? :stuck_out_tongue: At €493/sqft it couldn’t be accused of being exorbitantly priced in comparison with most of the kips that come up in ‘desirable’ areas on a daily basis.

BTW the house shows up for sale for €5m on the Sherry Fitzgerald ad from October 2007.


Given the off street parking was added one suspects it may have sold. OUCH.

It didn’t.
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Thanks for that.

Staircase is gorgeous!
Agree, needs tons of work, garden is very disappointing too.

Current bid €1.7m

Party like its 2006! 8DD

… Or 37% of it anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re right but it didn’t actualy sell for that and the house next door sold for €1.1m just last year!

This house is in better condition but its also not that far from a doer upper so is a bounce of 55% justified?

I think not

Have seen this house and the house next door that sold for 1.1m (which was a wreck).
Don’t think the asking is that irrational when compared with 1 Leeson Park and 3 Dartmouth Road.
It does need 300k in basic work (ignoring more enhancing features).
A real problem is the bedroom layout which will only suit smaller families (unless you do a lot of structural work).
The aspect is good (I’m always surprised at how people ignore aspect - personally couldn’t live in a north facing house).
Wouldn’t be surprised to see this get close to its asking, but not any more.

It’s a tricky one. I have a WSW-facing garden. In the winter the sun doesn’t get over the trees. In the summer the sun goes over the trees and makes the rear of the house uninhabitable unless I pull the blinds or open all the doors to let the howling wind in.

Seems a bit of an exaggeration. We rent an A3 BER house with a WSW rear. In the winter the sun is a free source of heat, not to mention hot water - as last winter we didn’t have to put on the hot water a single day.

In the summer if it’s windy, just open a window or two for half an hour and it cools it down. We also have vents at the top of the patio doors we can open. If it’s calmer, just open the patio doors.

I’m with observer I could never live in a north facing house (each to their own), I grew up an east facing one and even then any sun was gone by 3pm.

Being able to sit in the garden in the evening and have dinner or a bbq, even if it’s only 10 days a year is a real pleasure.

Sure, pop round to my house and see for yourself. :slight_smile:

Ain’t got no fancy vents or windows, only patio doors. I guess if I could afford Northbrook Road I afford to by me some.

Sale Agreed
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Agent probably saw Coolbawn and looked to close out (only joking)
I still think that 1.7m to 1.8m is an fair price and not inconsistent with where the upper end is ?

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I wouldn’t be so quick, it may still be going through the process of closing the sale. I understand it is still sale agreed at 1.9m