WIW - 3 Pirton, Dundrum, Ask €1.7mm 340sqm

This house just popped up on myhome


This is in a new development recently completed in Dundrum.

3 Pirton is a 7 bed, 340sqm/3660sqft guide price of €1,695,000
€4,801/sqm or €463/sqft
7 bedrooms, cinema room,

2 other houses in this 4 house development have recently sold

  1. Pirton €1.35mm 273sqm (€4,900 /sqm)
  2. Pirton €1.4mm 273sqm (€5,100 /sqm)

The house is in an excellent location.
Right next to the Luas and Dundrum Shopping Centre and the M50.
There’s a decent rear garden at 170sqm and there’s plenty of parking to the front.
BER A2 so probably well built.

The house is obviously huge.
#3’s 340sqm are spread over 4 levels (86sqm basement, 91sqm ground floor, 90sqm first floor, 86sqm attaic/second floor)
While the 2 houses already sold, #1 & #2 are smaller at 273sqm, I think they have a much better lay out.
#1 & #2 are spread over 3 levels (no basement, 118sqm at ground floor, 90 1st floor, 66sqm at 2nd floor)

Personally, I’d rather forgo a basement to have a larger ground floor.
Note the “gym/bedroom 7” and “bedroom 6” are in the basement. Yes there is external access from these but this appears from the photos to be out into stairwells leading up half a story to the rear garden level.

Personally I think they overbuilt here - who really needs 7 bedrooms?
There’s no need for the basement in my mind.
The main living floor looks cramped at 91sqm for €1.7mm.

I think price will fall in order to find a buyer.

1.7m and the master bedroom looks too small to fit bedside lockers beside a super king.

Obviously rammed into the site.

And bloody ugly.

Would not bang.

I like the way there’s a radiator on a kind of dias, and that the EA felt this was an important enough feature to give its own photo. Nice selection of some of Dublin’s stranger-looking apartment buildings in the garden photo (I looked at a top-floor apartment in one of the ones with the round bits on top recently, though the EA unaccountably didn’t include a photo of this house in the ad). I have difficulty imagining anyone who wants to spend 1.7m on a house deciding that this one is what they want to spend it on.

I live in an extended 2 up/ 2 down and the living room is plenty bigger than this one.

And what’s with the cheap as chips gravel trun around the front garden. Could they not have routed the drains so as to avoid manhole covers strewn around the place. Ugly exterior - ample deployment of CAD’s cut/paste/stretch/mirror facilities but bugger all appreciation for the proportions of the style their copying. Judging by the sheen, that undercladding of the roof is done in domestic appliance white plastic. Windows too? Surely not!

Poxy white/black waste pipes showing on the side elevation next door - done on a knock-a-hole-where-you-need-it basis rather than giving consideration to how it would look outside. Did you have to go Black and White Minstrel with it?

The windows looked like they figured standard n’ boring would look too standard and boring, so they turned them upside down. Real make it up as you go along stuff. Why not some flower beds dotted around instead of all the gravel - although I don’t envisage you’d have to burrow far into the gravel to find muck. What’s the chances of weedsville in a year or two shining through that…

It fails the York test. If I was given it for free and had a choice of living in it or selling it for 2/3rds asking I’d pick the 2nd option every time.

Pirton, Dundrum
€1,445,000 - 5 Bed Detached House 345.1 m² / 3715 ft² For Sale A2

Price drop from 1.695m to 1.445m (4,188 per sq m)

Original brochure from Sherry Fitzgerald is still available.

Independent blurb - Ambitious Dundrum development backed by star power
Pirton, Dundrum, Dublin 14. Asking price: €1.35m & €1.85m.

New agent now Knight Frank (who can’t seem to be bothered to put the full address on myhome.ie).