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Is the price correct?

Ok its right on the dualler and the garden is small, but good value?

It’s ‘good value’ to the extent that nobody it is unlikely that someone could build that house today for that price (incl. site costs, build cost, council contributions, etc.) - but you have a severely compromised north facing rear garden with massive trees from the embassy behind you blocking light northerly and easterly light, and the house itself blocking light from the south. The house next door probably blocks a lot of westerly light too. :laughing: So basically the garden/deck area is pretty rubbish.

On the bright side, it’s about 40 metres from the front of the house to the N11 so somewhat set back, with the house in front of you potentially acting as a partial sound barrier. I lived about 70m from the N11 before (albeit a very slow-moving part) and it didn’t bother me. The house itself is finished to a pretty basic standard but perfectly fine for most people I would imagine, and clearly space aplenty for any size family. it’s nice that the house is only laid out over 2 main floors as most new modern houses are 3 main floors (1 level of living space with 2 levels of bedrooms above). I like the integrated double garage (assuming you can fit big cars in there), and AFAIK there’s plenty of room to park outside without going into the garage, seems to be room to park beside the garages and there’s room to park on the street too.

so the garden doesnt get much light :smiley:

thanks for this by the way

i take it it isnt the one directly facing the dual carriage way rather its behind that house?

would you be able to compel the owners of the trees to prune them so they arent hanging into your bloody garden?

It clearly gets some light at certain times of the day judging by the photo of the rear garden, which I would hazard a guess was taken some time around noon. I’d say it is very limited though.

It’s the last one in the cul-de-sac, so yes, it’s behind the house facing the dual carriageway.

I would think that foreign states would be more agreeable to requests than potentially narky neighbours, however who knows. If you look at the rear picture, it’s clear that the trees breach the boundary lines and one of them is practically touching the large double-height window of your house. If they were willing to do it, though, it’s strange that the agents/receivers/owners haven’t requested them to do so…

whats the scenario were you to take matters into your own hands i wonder

ill definitely view this, even if just out of interest.

No need to wonder, here’s a similar case from last week in Sandyford:
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i was thinking more a of a trim :angry:

The house is a bit bland but a handy location. Someone needs a measuring tape for the ole curtains though :angry:

Doesn’t mean it would sell for this price, it can go much higher then asking.

There was an apartment in Dalkey which was put on the market for 200K, but at the end it went for >500K

After about four years of house hunting, I’d say the most common reason for an apparently reasonable asking price is that there’s something wrong with it.

The satellite view is interesting. What’s over the back fence? To the interwebz…

edit: there’s a planned development the other side of Knocksinna Crescent on a smaller derelict site.

planning.dlrcoco.ie/swiftlg/apas … =D14A/0440

The 3.2 acres in the two-plan folio DN187747F behind Rockbrook Hall appears to have a derelict building and has frontage on Granville Road so appears ideal for a housing development.

The house is very close to the boundary. Isn’t there supposed to be 11m from the upper storey to the boundary?

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Irish Times December 2015 article says the derelict site behind is owned by the Russian embassy but has been idle for decades now… Could be a site to watch with the way prices have gone.