WIW - 3 Seafield Mews, MOnkstown, Co. Dublin


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dated interior, needs new staircase, garage needs to be integrated into house and a double extension added. Location good but parking tight. What will this sell for now?


Location, location, location. Keep the garage. Stick a Smart in it. tasteful extension out back - a good architect key. Tiny.

If I were still a young buck…

Value is tough though. It really need gutting. If I had the house out front I’d be buying it back! Definitely falls int the pied-a-terre category.

EDIT: Price way out of kilter with Monkstown apartments which have been steadily dropping to the 200 to 225 mark of late. This really is just a site - mind you a well located site. A shame it does not include the mews to the left. How cool would be to have an inspection pit in your mews?


Well if you kept the garage it could double as a sunken bath?

Tile it up, throw a few candles around it and you’re good to go.
(Don’t forget to move your car though.)

Joking aside, my missis went for a nosey to see this and parking is a mare. You’d need the garage for your SLK.


I’d reopen the arch and put a garage at the end of the garden with a sun terrace an office on top…one car is never enough - the number I have now is bad enough.

Still, site value only - try a bing maps search of the area. Some Monkstown houses have seriously impressive grounds.

Don’t joke about the pit (apologies for Wail content):
dailymail.co.uk/news/article … -ROOM.html


Want that man cave!


Would a bid of €200k be accepted?


Well 365 would get you this with all the (considerable) work done - so i would say yes.

You are taking planning risk…but a good architect and a bit of imagination can you a bespoke solution for apartment money.

Judging by the resto’s there is still a bit of matress money in Monkstown so who knows. Does any know if the sq. footage includes the garage? If so it is a cat swinging joint. Bing maps much better than google maps for looking at what the neighbours did (clearer pics you can swivel).

Architect close by: J Peter Andrews Architects. Category: Architects. Address: 6A Seafield Mews, Seafield Avenue, Monkstown, Co Dublin; Tel: 01 2360601; Fax: 01 2360601




Did that go Sale Agreed very quickly?


Yep…within 2 weeks! It has huge potential.


It does? Sorry bud, I can’t see it.


If you own the house out front it has potential as a garage and office - expensive small site other than that.


Likewise. Though maybe I’m just jealous. :angry:


I never got to view it because it went so quickly, but I did walk by the front. It’s at the end of a cul-de-sac of similar mews (renovated ones), and much nicer than the photos. The location is excellent, and with an architect conversion you could make yourself something really very nice, and something certain to be very valuable one day.


Define “very valuable”. That is bubble talk. I can buy a large house with mews for 900k - “certain” to be “more valuable”


Doesn’t a sale agreed in two weeks speak for itself.


I’d hazard only a SOLD speaks for itself these days.


A large proportion of the sales agreed are closing in the current market.

In addition very little new stock is coming on stream.


now for auction on May 2nd “unless previously sold” - €275k
lisney.com/Residential/3-Sea … ublin.aspx


Strange that they’ve gone the auction route so quickly. This make me suspicious.

It was only on the market for such a short period before when it went ‘sale agreed.’ If that sale fell through, why not just put it back on the market for sale by private treaty again?