WIW - 3 Westbury Drive Lucan


Hi there, any opinions on true value of this property please? I have checked propertywatch and see that originally the owner was asking €395,000, we went to view it recently, it is a substantial family home but the asking price still seems too high, estate agent couldn’t see them accepting less than 300k and recently accepted an offer 320k that which fell through- … I know!!! To believe her or not!!!
All opinions welcome please :smiley:

Also, for anybody who lives locally do you know how good/bad the commute would be from there to Blackrock travelling on the m50?


Went to view this last year ourselves (early Aug)-at that stage they were looking for €375k and we felt at this time it was overpriced. (It was originally with DNG for €415/€425k-not sure, late 2009 from what I can remember the agent said). It looks like they are chasing the market down but not getting near an actual price that it will sell for. I like the house but don;t love it-I’ve been watching it for the last year myself.
It went sale agreed in Nov 10 and fell through in Jan 11. Funny we were told last year that they wouldn’t take less than €350k
It’s waayy overpriced, my opinion, asking €289k-€299k, selling for €270kish.
Now I wouldn’t pay that for it even though its my preferred place to live (I’m waiting for a house on the drive (south facing garden) to come up for sale for bout €250kish) . . . then I’ll strongly consider buying!!! :laughing:

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/2012594

And its back again-gone with Sherry Fitz this time around!

I just get the feeling that the seller is chasing the market down and overpricing by €50k each time.

Had it been priced about this point 2 years ago-it would have sold in a heartbeat . . .

have to agree with you, what sq footage is it?

No idea of size!

Even if it gave the sq footage-I find it hard to judge when there’s an attic conversion! (I don’t think its right to add attic space as part of overall living space as you’ve lost all that storage space)

Photos show little change in the past two years and even then I felt that It needed a new kitchen.

Its a nice house but overpriced!

Sigh . . . One of these days another house in this estate will come up for sale at a ‘good’ price! I’m FED UP renting . .

Unfortunately, its a slow process and I share your frustration at looking at houses which are overpriced…surprised this guy has not copped on given the long time he has being trying to get rid of…