WIW 30 Devon Park

Ad: odonnjoyce.com/Residential/brochure/2342272
Relevant Planning Permission: gis.galwaycity.ie/ePlan/Internet … file=1229#
Transactions in area: propertypriceregister.ie/Website … r=4&Query=[address]=devon%20AND%20[dc_county]=%22Galway%22&County=Galway&Year=&StartMonth=&EndMonth=&Address=devon

What would be worth of property? How much would extension as in planning permission cost?

Not sure what the extension would cost to build, would depend on the spec. Property would be approx €300k IMO.

IMO I would not pay 250k for those houses. There are 3 on the market at that asking price. But for me, that’s too much to pay for them.

There have been plenty of re-vamps in the area recently, so it is very easy to see how much you can get for your euro. Check it out, but I know of project prices varying from 100k (not including everything) all the way to in excess of 250k. Of course, it depends greatly on the spec you go for…ask around and you will see the what others have done.