WIW 307 Sutton Park

Anyone know the area? I dont at all.

Anyone know the pros and cons versus say an equivalent house in Raheny (which I am guessing would be €100k less).

Obvious con would be longer commute time to Dublin centre; so I am guessing there are some decent pros to offset this, but dont know what they are.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 13/2032218

Raheny is not regarded as “posh” as Sutton. or to be more accurate north Raheny is not regarded as posh , but the further south one goes in Raheny then you are looking at almost Sutton prices - e.g. the Maywood area of Raheny.
Many people in Sutton would regard this property as not being in real Sutton but in Bayside.

It’s a nice house in a good area close to DARt station and five mins walk from seabut as I say it’s perception that makes a difference in price. Raheny is a fine area albeit with some slightly more downmarket parts -towards Edenmore and Kilbarrack, but Sutton is better regarded.

Its more middle class?


i know the area very well. Sutton Park, as someone has pointed out above is not *real *Sutton. Historically, it is part of Kilbarrack, though you would get a frosty reception from anyone who lives there if you said it out loud! That said it’s generally a pretty good estate. In the 70s it was populated by public servants, including a quite senior Garda, teachers and the usual coterie of middle ranking, white collar types who work in insurance companies, semi-state bodies etc. It’s handy for the DART - although Bayside Station has always been a bit of a war-zone (I’ve been told it’s just as bad these days). The nearby Bayside Inn pub is decent enough.

As it happens I drove through Sutton Park yesterday and I thought it looked the same as ever, some of the houses had nice makeovers (never liked that style of house and the lack of grass verges on the footpath makes it look a big concrete-ey, if that makes sense). I noticed there were ramps on some of the roads including at the entrance. This place backs onto Bayside and I thought parts of Bayside looked very run down with many of the houses literally falling apart and the “shopping centre” is still awful looking. What else? Sutton Park is handy for the sea front and Howth, Portmarnock, Malahide are all a few miles away. Decent schools not too far away either.

For what it’s worth, there are many parts of Raheny that are much, much nicer than Sutton Park, especially those areas to the south of the Howth Road.

grew up there. strong community spirit. a short walk to shops, Dart, primary and secondary schools. personally, i quite liked the blue collar/white collar mix there.