WIW 308 North Circular Road, Phibsborough, Dublin 7

3 Bed Terraced House - 130.1 m² €199k

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -7/1700987

Have you seen the house? In photo 2 it looks like the ceiling is sagging. It may just be an illusion caused by the paintwork because the ceilings in the other photos look fine but in a badly maintained, regency era house rotten beams between floors wouldn’t be unusual.

This house jumped out at me last week as well. There must be some catch for a house like that with an 80ft south facing back garden. It must need a lot of work and it being a protected structure = mega bucks.

Hi! This house also jumped out at me … so much so that I’m viewing it on Friday. What a house! I googled the address & came acoss this site so even better! Agent informed me that the kitchen is very low like a typical 1800’s house & you have to practically stoop to get in there … ok obviously plenty of work as it is protected & all that. Anyone know who to contact for quotes about restructural work to a protected property? It is a beauty you have to say, large south garden & right opposite the church (which I call a cathedral) oh I love it love it!!!

and hey presto it’s gone - newhousehunter?

v good. is that area ok?