WIW - 31 Grosvenor Lane, Rathmines, Dublin 6

This looks like an interesting house:

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/3261225

To me it looks like it might be priced to reel in alot of early viewings and get a bidding frenzy going.

Any opinions in general? I can’t see any significant negatives at a glance.

I like that they got toilets in on every level.

I’ve always found that spot quiet, and the proximity to the shops is great.

It’ll go way over asking.

How much over asking would you say at a guess?

This seems to be a tactic of the smaller agents I’ve noticed…

There’s two open viewings next week anyway so definitely going to go along and have a peek. I imagine the place will be mobbed!

I looked at this this morning. if you look at the 2009 street view, the house next door wasn’t there (that’s neither here nor there)

Nice sized property,
Needs to be redecorated but doesn’t look too expensive
An acceptable back garden,
Not far from rathimines.
Don’t think its a bad price at all.

My concern was whether this area is very studenty? I was at many a party around there when I was a messer. If you look at the houses it backs onto on Leinster Road, the look a bit run down/bedsits.

The student thing wouldn’t bother me in the slightest.

I live close by anyway and really like the general area.

The housing estate in at the back looks pretty dingy, worse in person than on street view. I’ve only ever been in the area during the day but it was always very quiet then, some pedestrians going in and out, very few cars. Haven’t a clue what it’s like at night.

Yes, there are people roaming the area who look like the sort of unfortunates who are living in awful bedsits, but I’ve never had any trouble.

Students roar and scream most of the night. Living near them can leave you as sleep deprived as having a newborn.

I can see it heading towards €500k.

Looks like a 5 bed house - why is the attic excluded? Unless there are legal / structural / other issues, this will go for well well in excess of asking price - well north of 500k

The attic is probably not technically high enough throughout the room to legally classify it as a bedroom.

I’m now thinking is there any point in even looking at this to be honest. Might be able to do the asking at a stretch, maybe a tiny bit more - but certainly not close to half a million!

Even at 300 euro per Sq foot (which would be cheap for that location in this market ), you’re looking at almost 550k (including attic space)

I’ve bid on two properties in the D6 area with Hunters lately.Found them very good to deal with. They seem to know how to play the market very well. They were open and honest about everything and seemed keen on getting a quick turn around for the property.Their tactic seems to be to price things low and get a buzz about the place at the open viewing. This in itself will feed a bidding war. No need for phantom bidders or any other dodgy EA dealings because the number of people interested will eventually see the property sell for what its worth. Both properties went for above asking in the end. One 10% and the other 20%. I’d expect this to just about exceed 520k.

I would guesstimate a house like this would rent between 2500-3000pm so I think this will go higher too. I know of investors coming into Dublin in the 400k to 500k market, this sort of house would be ideal. They generally want something that needs no work like this too.

The EA sold a house last year that went 20% over it’s asking in Cowper village so it’s low asking is a tactic to get a bidding war.

I was at the viewing for this. We showed up late in the viewing (it was on for a full hour) and the place was swamped, people crawling out of every conceivable space. There was an offer of 440k. 'm sure it’ll go higher, even though it wasn’t particularly nice.

496k bid on this now

No surprise, glad I didn’t bother wasting my time looking at the place.

That’s a really weird photoshop job they’ve done on the front of the house. What were they removing? Cars? Protesters? Passed out students?

So now the slightly smaller 34 Grosvenor lane is on at €775k. Makes no sense.

myhome.ie/residential/brochure/3 … -6/3280349

Completely ridiculous, wonder what the logic is or are they just completely chancing it? Imagine that asking will be dropping very quickly over the coming weeks :stuck_out_tongue:

What an utterly bland, joyless living area. There’s something really wrong with that space (maybe the dark kitchen shoehorned into the corner?)

A bland, joyless “garden” as well. What’s wrong with these people? :frowning:

Maybe they are bland and joyless?