WIW 31 Strand Road, Sandymount, Dublin 4

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Does a back entrance add so much value?

Can anyone tell me the logic of having a basement right beside the sea in an area that’s prone to flooding ?

Salt water swimming pool in basement. Oligarchical innit.


It also has my favourite cliche-that-the-EA-misunderstands – it’s “deceptively spacious”, which actually means that although it does actually have a lot of space, it appears to be small and pokey. OK then.

Trophy property, trophy location. I’d say €2 million. Actually looks a lovely house but best of luck getting flood insurance

“Deceptively X” is one of those ambiguous phrases that can mean something and its opposite.
Deceptively spacious can mean - appears to be spacious but isn’t really, but it can also mean is more spacious than it appears to be. It’s best to avoid ‘deceptively’ at risk of deceiving oneself.

I’ve heard elsewhere that it is difficult to get insurance for these houses (fronting onto the beach), is that just people sprouting or is there any evidence of that?

I didn’t think it could mean the latter.

Since insurers often refuse to insure anything against flooding that is less than 200 metres from water I’d assume that you’d be insured against fire etc but not flooding

The trick then is to set up your house so that it burns down in the event of flooding. :smiley:

Like they did in Fukushima? :smiley:

Ha ha. Get a nice hall door made out of Sodium. Hope it doesn’t rain though.

Ahh. Like they did at Monju.

The Japs have it all figured out every which way.

The Auction was last Wednesday 24th Sept. I wasn’t at it but was talking to someone who was. The AMV for the Auction was €1.2m

bidding opened at €1.2m - No one bid
EA dropped to €1.1m - No one bid
EA dropped to €1m - No one bid

The property was withdrawn, EA said if anyone interested approach them after Auction. Next day they Increase the asking price to €1.25m, so they add another €50k when they didn’t have an offer for €1million. What the hell is going on here?

Well what do you expect, it’s deceptive.

How much is the outstanding mortgage on the property ?

Deceptively deceptive. (Makes Dr Evil face)

I wouldn’t have a rashers, how would you find that out? Also why would the value of an outstanding mortgage have any bearing on the market value of the house?

Sale Agreed (last asking €1,250k)