WIW 32 Haroldville Avenue, Rialto, Dublin 8


Lovely House
Just off South Circular


Vear some very dodgy socially deprived areas

Is it worth 299K



Nice house alright, the owners certainly have good taste - however that’s not something you should be paying up for;

[Not necessarily the nicest area if you have a family of sensitive disposition].

Would you rent it for 1500 a month?

I wouldn’t - I’d rather an apartment; it would prob rent around 1100/1200 -> value maybe 200k.

The washing machine is in the attic ‘bedroom’? Bit awkward.

House looks great and would be selling for (or rather asking) at least 100 K more if in a better area.

But on closer inspection…No guest WC, one bedroom is the attic and a view of Dolphin’s barn flats from the front.

Do you have a nice car? How would you feel parking it on that street?

How safe would you feel coming home from work by public transport on a winter night?

These are the considerations you need to bear in mind - don’t be blinded by the EA’s blurb and the flattering photos.

Rialto itself (the village) is OK (used to rent in vicinity). But this is imho more Dolphin’s Barn than Rialto. Personally I wouldn’t live there.

I went to see a house on this street in 2005 the asking pricewasaround 400k I think. It was a beautiful house and was walking distance to work but as it was around 300k under what houses closer to Clanbrasil street were going for I was a little suspicious of what was going on. We could see some neighbours across the street so we went over to ask them a little about the place. They welcomed us in they were a group of 20 somethings who were doing the place up to flip and make some money. As we walked into their small front living room we noticed something strange - the top section of an outdoor gas heater was sitting in the middle of the room covered in glass and debris - they explained to us that the night before someone had tried to breakdown their door and when they couldnt get in that way they threw the top of the gas lamp through the front window. They explained that this kind of carry on was a fairly regular occurance as the street is used as a walkthrough to get from Fatima mansions to another set of flats. Their cars had been vandalised, they had had numerous attempted robberies and muggings.

If you are seriously considering moving in here please go into it with your eyes open. Go speak to the neighbours, look at how many houses have bars on the windows, go speak to the local Gardai and find out whether the crime in the area has gotten any better.