WIW - 32 Phoenix Avenue Castleknock

Up a couple of weeks now. Haven’t bothered to view after the madness I saw at last two viewings in Castleknock. Heard there was queues out the door last Saturday. Seems better priced than Pecks Lane.


Offer accepted at €395. Castleknock market has taken off!

Last asking €349k

Offer accepted at 46,000 or 13% above asking.

I reckon unsuccessful bidders will begin bidding on this: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=40669&p=704165&hilit=Pecks+lane#p704165

Current offer of 355 as far as I know.

Not on the PPR, what gives

I am also waiting on the price of a similar property in Castleknock…sold in February.Why is it taking so long?

Me too. Waiting on 11 phoenix court.

Guessing EA ineptitude.

Someone should tell the EA’s about this new addition to the job spec. :laughing:

Why would the EA submit the price? :unamused:

11 Phoenix Court sold for €376,501. Asking was €350k. Madness.

Those houses are absolutely tiny, someone really wanted location over all else and doesn’t mind living in a box.

They are 1,000 square feet. Is that tiny? There was also a relatively big back garden and side with it.

Yes they are tiny if compared to your standard CT McMansion but not if you compare to the average European property.

Roughly the same size as my 3 bed terrace, which is two proper bedrooms and a box. Not quite sure how they managed to fit in another bedroom.

Regardless, people seen to be willing to pay a premium for these houses. I’ve heard 32 Phoenix Avenue went for 395k. Smaller site than Phoenix Court and not as in near good condition.

I take it you are an EA in the area :slight_smile:

No but Castleknock is a very small place.

Sold €395,000 on 09/08/2013