WIW - 33 Ballybrit Court, Ballybrit, Co. Galway


I cant stop staring at this house for some reason, 125k would be all my savings and investments, would it go for above that do you think?

Am I completely mad to be thinking of buying a house in Galway at the minute? Im 29, sick of working already, contract coming to an end soon so will be moving back to Galway, no dependents. Have led a pretty boring frugal life and would love a place like this to finance some traveling around the world for a bit then somewhere to live in Galway when I come home, is it the wrong time to buy in Galway at the minute?

Is being a landlord in Ireland outside of certain areas in Dublin these days just a stupid way to spend your money in general?

how well do you know the area Thargor ?
you say you’re from galway but city or county , and if the city which part ?
east side of town has changed a lot during the celtic tiger , became a lot more built up , and if you’ve been away for a while then i’d say take your time when you come back before buying a house … time you probably won’t have if this is going for auction soon…re the price i don’t think it would go for too much above 125k , but who knows , galway is different :confused:

Prices Paid in Ballybrit Court:
propertypriceregisterireland.com … brit+Court

I do not know that estate but the only thing that would make sense of the numbers is if t is a mix of detached, semi-d and apts. Otherwise the figures are lunacy…come to think of it lunacy is probably the answer.

32 Ballybrit Court, Ballybrit, Co. Galway, Ireland

40 Ballybrit Court, Ballybrit, Galway City, Co. Galway, Ireland

55 Ballybrit Court, Ballybrit, Co. Galway, Ireland

46 Ballybrit Court, Ballybrit, Co. Galway, Ireland

50 Ballybrit Court, Ballybrit, Co. Galway, Ireland

I assume you mean lunacy as in too expensive still Magpie? Do you forsee much of a drop in Galway in future?

@Jamesieliz: I know Galway very well, not this particular estate but its well located, all the factories are there in Galways little medical device manufacturing hub so I doubt tenants would be a problem, easy access to the city centre aswell by bus etc, did it on a bike millions of times.

Im not going to liquidate everything (dont really want to either) and run down to Galway to buy this by October its just as I said, Im sick of just working all the time, Id love to do something like this and have a steady income every month for the month, I just cant decide if this is an idiotic way to go about it and if Id be better off in bonds or something until there’s more clarity, also reposessions/NAMA/changes to rent allowance to think of.

Being a landlord and being able to live off the rent while traveling has always been a bit of a dream of mine and since I managed to save above 100k Im nervous about losing it all in some new shitstorm, would love to sink it into a property and relax for a while.

By lunacy I mean

50 Ballybrit Court, Ballybrit, Co. Galway, Ireland


55 Ballybrit Court, Ballybrit, Co. Galway, Ireland

Would 125k for the house you linked be lunacy? I doubt it.
But i don’t know the estate, build quality, neighbors, etc etc

Yes, it would be very rent-able, €800-€900 should not be a problem.