WIW 33 Clancarthy Road, Donnycarney - Advice needed

Looking for a bit of advice. I last looked at buying an apartment in 2010 but some sound advice from pinsters meant I held off. I’ve been renting since but am starting to look at buying again.

I have a max budget of 200K and a house with a garden would suit my needs more then an apartment now. I am looking around Killester/Donnycarney because of its proximity to city centre.

I viewed this house in Clancarthy Road, Donnycarney yesterday and am tempted to put in a bid:

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -5/2680674

It’s priced at 170K and already has an offer of 180K.

Do people think this is a fair valuation considering it is quite small but in good condition.

My main reservations are that it is a small house with limited potential to extend, north facing garden and 180K+ seems to be close to top price for the area going by the PPR.

Or should I keep renting and hope that current price rises won’t continue.

All advice appreciated!

What about going to see this this myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -5/2627495 and see if you can’t get it for€200k or less - although only 2 beds it looks a better layout. Remember this area isn’t SCD don’t be afraid to go see stuff over your budget in the hope you can come in on budget or under.

A lot of Donneycarney houses have much bigger gardens and ultimately much bigger potential. That road is also very busy with schools, Parnell Park, Church etc traffic, although there are restrictions on times you can drive down it.

This one looks far nicer but perhaps there are already offers on it myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -5/2669044
Although this one needs work the garden is bigger and the road quieter myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -5/2680688

Have you considered houses in the Belton Park area on Collins Ave West

Thanks for the replies. 108 Collins Avenue East looked a nice house but has just gone Sale Agreed.

I would certainly be interested in the Oak Road/Belton Park side of Donneycarney as it seems very quiet and settled. Unfortunately, 4 Oak Road is Sale Agreed too.


What are peoples views on price increases. I need some reassurance that these are driven by a temporary shortage of supply rather than a long term trend!

Would there be any advantage in waiting until mid 2014 to see how the market goes?

Thanks for the advice, I’ll check out those houses too.

December is one of the slowest months in the year for sellers.

If you can find a property on sale for the last few months the sellers might consider and accept an offer on the basis to have the sale completed by end of 2013 - a long shot but worth a try