WIW 33 Summer Street North, Off North Circular Road, D1

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  • Terraced House 249 m² / 2680 ft² For Sale D1

Is this street scary? I’ve heard people say that Summerhill is scary…

Check map… is it Dublin or Cork.? . Good ole Estate agent cannot even get the mapping right!!! :unamused:

Decent size… but not a great price for the area.
Doesn’t even fall into the ‘luas north will be near enough’ sort of logic.

Area isn’t great… remember reading about a Pakistani guy getting the shite kicked out of him in that area when he was walking his heavily pregnant wife to the maternity hospital around 3-4 years ago.

You dont want to live there.


its an overpriced horrid house in a horrid area.

Thanks, All!

Somebody might be tempted to move in if actually offered a large some of money to do so. Cant imagine anyone actually buying at any price - unless in post-lobotomy mode

Used to live round the corner. NO NO NO, AVOID. It’s a horrible area, full of truly scary people. I never felt safe there.

Thanks all. That’s pretty much what I figured but to good to have other opinions. Will avoid :slight_smile:

Used to live on this street back in my college days. Do not buy there as it is probably the biggest sh*t hole in Dublin. Our house was divided into about 4 flat and we lived in the basement flat and every time it rained a puddle appeared in the sitting room floor… Plus we had Junkies living in the bed sit beside us, so in the space of 2 weeks, we had the local IRA enforcers, the Guards and Junkies kicking in the front door of the house. The bad stories are endless about this street

Is it really so bad?
I know the neighbourhood, daytime not so bad.
But probably don’t know it at nighttime.

I lived there 11 years ago and it was bad then. I still remember the noise of joy riders crashing into a taxi in 2003 on summer hill parade and killing him instantly

and the above is just the EA spinning the place, wait till we hear the real stuff …

This is a very bad area, other parts of the North Circular are ok but this particular street is scary. My sister lived around the corner and you would be scared to park the car visting her, scumbags on the corner etc. not nice.