WIW: 33 Upper Leeson Street


Trophy house, great location, nice man cave at the back. Lacking a garden. Thoughts on what this will sell for and what it might be “worth” longer term?

Nice house, ghastly decor.

What it will get in the current market is close to and possibly or above asking. Longer term is too vague and meaningless to speculate on and reflects the Irish lust for property as a thing to be coveted for its value, whether investment or otherwise.

An alternative estimate of its current value is that the country is bust and the market is dead, activity in the first quarter was just a bounce, and therefore it will struggle to get half that price. I go with my first estimate, but take your pick.


In todays market I think somewhere between 1.1m to 1.2m.

That said, I think that steet isnt a particularly attractive situation.

Long term value, like most, I havent a bog.

This house obviously has had a small fortune spent on it.

Theres a lot to like about this house but the things I dont like about it is that it faces on to a perpetually busy road, the rear view is particularly unattractive and they have wrecked the otherwise South West facing Garden.

I was quite bearish on previous posts and surprised at some sale agreeds. It has a 4 in the address it’s a period house with a SW facing garden, rear access, off street parking for two cars I’d say it will easily get above the 1m the renovation alone probably cost the best part of 1m considering the build quality of the man cave and the excavation for the cellar.

How much will ot cost to lift the paving and put some green life back into the back yard? It amazes me that people spend all that money to make their gardens into posh prison yards

I agree - I absolutely hate this kind of thing. It literally (and I use that word very sparingly and only in its correct meaning) goes against nature.

I couldn’t give you an exact quote but the good news is that it shouldn’t cost much to remedy. Added bonus: there will be no weeds or live roots after years under slabs, so in goes the topsoil, down go the plants and lawn, and hey presto, garden. You can spend mad money on plants, but you can do it cheaply too. It wouldn’t be a big hole in the budget if this house is in your price bracket.

It wouldn’t be hard to do the work yourself if you like the pleasure of outdoor work, feeling the sun on your back, wiping the sweat off your brow, listening to the low, melodic song of the other prisoners, sharing a smoke with the kindly guard… Ah, I remember the week we tarred the roof at Shawshank…

There is already an offer of 1.2 million.

€445 per sq ft will this break €500?

Very, very high specification and costly fit-out. The square footage does not include the large building in the garden. It could be an example of someone submitting a bid to stop any further bid and close the sale quickly. The offer of 1.2 million does not come close to covering the purchase and renovation costs.

Nice house, OK area, good off-street parking.

There is lots of cash out there for the right house for the right person.

Sale Agreed in under 4 weeks :slight_smile:

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -4/1824825

Anybody know what the final price was?

22 Leeson Street now also sale agreed

Now displaying For Sale but On Sherry Fitz it’s still Sale Agrreed.

Did it “fall through” or did the Sale Agreed sign just “fall off”.

Or did they read the CSO Megathread! :smiley:

Of note from Slasher in another thread in 2011


William Kilmurray. Any connection with this post or just coincidence?
namawinelake.wordpress.com/2011/ … kilmurray/

Sold 1.3 million

33 Leeson Street

12/09/2012 33 Upper Leeson Street, Dublin Dublin € 1,200,000.00

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