WIW - 34 Avoca Park (-40k)

Recently viewed this property after a price drop from EUR1.09m to EUR1.05m

I thought is was a nice house but looks like it hasn’t been decorated since the 1990’s. A dodgy shower room made out of half of the utility room downstairs meaning both ended up small and obvious damp problems caused by the shower. A dodgy extension at the back that would need to be put right and a really small garden to the rear overlooked on all sides. It’s also been on the market for a while now and looks vacant, the opportunity cost of selling it only growing with each month, as far as I can see.

I have seen some recent sales in the area on property price register. I know that 37 sold last year for more than this but it had a lot of recent work done inside to warrant a premium and anyway all the price changes in the area in the last 3 months have been downward, central bank changes, and lots of recent supply in SCD it does seem to be top heavy and falling at the moment.

Nice place to live but really EUR 1m +??? For the bigger properties in Avoca Park maybe, but any of these 2,000 sq ft properties shouldn’t still be pushing on over EUR1m I would have thought. I bet there will be a few more of these come to the market if recent trends continue.

I looked at the Croft as well. Really nice location. Weird layout, like the “study” over the porch and the extension again was very poorly done.

I discussed this with my more sensible half and basically decided that if we bought this we would have to completely gut it, try and fix the extension and do something with the front of the property, like bring it forward a bit. Started adding all that up in my head and thought only really worth it is I could get the property in the high EUR 700k area.

Small bedrooms cannot be fixed.

Yes agree and I never saw a 4 bedroom property without a bath before I viewed this one in Avoca Park. Only a shower.

Viewed two other properties in Avoca Park “pre-market”, basically carbon copies of this one - same problems with small bedrooms / bathrooms - but vendors obviously not watching what is going on around the corner as they are asking way more than No. 34 for the same product.

Wonder if they are being kept “pre-market” because the EA’s don’t want to tell the vendors that they need to at least offer at the same level as No. 34 to get a bite. :sick:

I would hope to be getting a bigger garden if spending €1m plus, its not as if this house is in town. Those developments are typical of 90’s and later developments with “prestige” 4 and 5 bedroom houses all thrown up together on postage stamp sites to maximise developer returns.There were several of these developments thrown up in that area although in fairness Avoca Park does have plenty of green space around. The older houses with decent gardens are a much better buy IMO, certainly if you are going to do a lot of rework anyway to get a house to your tastes.

I love the way that the ad for this house myhome.ie/residential/brochure/34-avoca-park-blackrock-co-dublin/2821067 reels off a list of private schools that the property is “close to”. Close to Mount Anville my arse. You’d have to pass better public schools on the way. What pretentious twaddle.

When you compare Avoca Park to this one in Greygates

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/3075027
(€885 for 167m2)

or this one in The Rise Mount Merrion
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/3120507
(€875k for 130m2)

it becomes very clear that the Avoca house is grossly overpriced. 150K spent on either of these houses would do them up nicely…there does seem to be a bathroom-deficit-pattern emerging though.

And in my opinion the Mount Merrion ones are completely overpriced as well. They need a fair bit off the asking to make them good value.

My advice would be to sit it out for a few months if you can

Houses of the style of Avoca Park suit those who have a very young family and for whom a quiet (and exclusive!) estate represents the main priority. It’s the setting as well as the location that demands the premium. Having a safe outdoor environment for your and other kids to muck about in is not to be underestimated.

That said, in this case the price really is mental. A similar house in Carysfort Park has dropped it’s price from over a million recently.
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/2974109

Neither of these are the first thing that comes to mind when someone says “million euro house”.