WIW - 34 Ballinclea Heights, Killiney?

this was shown as €275k on last thursday’s IT supplement. I suspect the €375k price tag is the official one. myhome.ie/residential/brochu … ey/2186564

There were a lot of people viewing the last two saturdays. Any idea what it’s worth? north facing, on the busiest road into the estate but lovely portioned rooms and room to extend into the garage. Apparently the attic height is too low to go up though.

so, any guesses?

I think at 375 it is over-priced considering what the bigger 4 bed semis went for recently (300 - 340). Realistically it should be at the bottom part of this range i.e. 300

That said I think BH is one of the best priced estates in SCD (based on the above sales ) considering it is nestled in such a good location. Its a great estate so I think the rather unattractive houses tend to keep the prices lower than they should be for normal dublin standards.

well I just came on to delete this thread because apparently there is an offer of 350 with three under bidders!

Sale Agreed

Well I do not know why you / some of you bother to post insignificant posts… A house goes for sale, and sale agreed.

Usually there is so much bitching about the price of the house. You are either unlucky enough not to be able to afford the house and therefore bitch about it or what… Ohh the price should be at a better price.

All property’s which are bought and sold are done so for specific reasons, you might have a family or ‘ideal’ location for where you would like to live. If you are not lucky enough to live in one of these places then move on and stop whining. 34 Balinclea Heights was bought for a specific amount which suited the buyers, all begrudgers keep on walking.

Sale Agreed posts provide knowledge of how long a particular property was on the market.

Combined with the price register they provide information as to the length of time it takes to close a house in the current market.

The “dead cat” has been around 9 months on the pin and if anything the cat seems to be bouncing higher much to the annoyance of the perma bears.

However the first signs of him hitting the ground will be metrics like properties taking longer to go sale agreed and closing periods extending.

Personally I believe the market is in recovery mode but only time will tell.

Gone for €410,000 8/3/2013

So it seems the average south Dublin semi (proper south Dublin) nearish the Dart will fetch 400k anyway even in this market.

#191 BALLINCLEA HEIGHTS, sold 17-12-13 €540k

Was advertised for rent at €2.3K per month

adverts.ie/property-for-rent … ey/3827718

I was up these parts recently. Lots of refreshed houses and lights on in the “a” homes. Bottom was 2011 around these parts.