WIW 35 Primrose Avenue, Phibsborough, Dublin 7

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Overall Floor Area: 75 Sq. Metres (807 Sq. Feet)

April 2015: asking 245k, current offer of 255k with EA refusing to show it to people who don’t display, in advance, an understanding of the fact that it requires a minimum of 80k to make it habitable.

We were among the bidders on this property but bowed out after doing some due diligence. The EA is advertising the fact that it has planning permission for extension and renovation as well as architectural designs for which the late owner paid €11,000. EA seemed to indicate that “the plans” would be included in the price. By the way, the existing house is not 75 square meters. More like 65. And even if you built the extension, you’re looking at a maximum size of 85 square meters with a tiny yard, no place to put rubbish. And the ceiling for the attic conversion is low. The area is nice and the view from the 1st-floor back room looks right out on Blessington Basin but planning permission for a bigger window was denied. Also denied routinely are dormer windows in the attic and 2-storey extensions. All on the grounds that the historical look of the terrace has to be preserved. Meanwhile, on the other side of the basin there are these giant extensions (on cottage-type dwellings) with floor-to-ceiling windows. So apparently it’s their view that has to be preserved but if you’re on the south side of the basin you can look out of a porthole at their palaces across the way.

I contacted the architect who said not only were there plans but they went out to tender and the lowest bid was €100,000, and that didn’t include a kitchen or any fittings for the bathrooms. The estate agent wouldn’t provide me with the plans or the forms of tender, even though the winning tender was the late owner’s brother. When we were in, the EA was trumpeting how number 24 down the street had been in similar condition and was “done up” for only €40,000. Glad to hear they’ve copped on but if the owner’s own brother couldn’t do it for less than €100K with no kitchen and no bathroom, I don’t know where they get the €80K figure from.

That was more or less when we backed out since the most any house on the terrace has sold for was €300,000 (in October 2014) for one that had been renovated and extended. At €255K + 120K or so to do it up, you’re looking at €375K for an 85 square meter house in Phibsborough with an attic conversion you can’t stand up in. That’s €410 per square foot.

We did love the area though.

Thanks, MentalFloss.

Does the actually need the extension?

Glad to see that we’re not the only ones calculating that the cost of purchase plus renovation far exceeds the value of the terrace (it would be good if others would do likewise).

Have you seen the house as is? It’s a small 2-up, 2-down with no kitchen and no bathroom. It had a kitchen and bathroom in the old extension, but that was demolished when work stopped because the owner died. You definitely need an extension.

If they did likewise, there’d be a race to the bottom! :smiley:

I actually think the bidders are either builders or BTLers. The former would do it up (for less) and sell it at a profit and the latter would do a slapdash job on it and plan to rent it out to DIT students at the new Grangegorman campus or some such. I can’t see any owner-occupiers thinking it was good value.

I was at one of the first viewings of this in late Feb/ early March, the EA was giving out the plans for the extension at the time, I think I still have a copy. In anycase the plans are on the DCC website, but if you were to buy it and do an extension you might take a look at the other applications on that road that have been granted permission and you’d find a better template.

100k for a 25sqm extension is bonkers, and Im sure the owners brother would do it for that price, thats 4k/sqm, 40 sounds a lot more reasonable

here are the plans the EA was handing out


To be fair, the €100K was for a lot more than just the extension (which was fairly high spec): it included new electrics, new plumbing, new roofing, new floors, and more besides. I still thought the €100K was expensive and was looking for the forms of tender so I could go to a QS and say: realistically, what are we looking at? But they wouldn’t provide them so we backed out.

This is back doing open viewings again, went to see it yesterday. Can’t see this selling for 260 or maybe I just lack imagination

The best you can expect to do renovating any of the houses on that terrace is something like this:


It’s small and you have a choice of either putting the bathroom downstairs and cutting into the living space or putting it upstairs and reducing one of the two bedrooms to a small single. And then add in the cost of an attic conversion.

Then there are the bins, which go . . . someplace.

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