WIW 36 St Laurences Road, Chapelizod, Dublin 20

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April 6th, 2014: asking 425k, 122 Sq. Metres (1,313 Sq. Feet)

The last house on this terrace to sell was number 48 with Felicity Fox, discussed here:

That house (number 48) sold for 440k, a figure that would seem to be far more than reasonable (crazy, really) for a house with no off-street parking, only one tiny bathroom and a very small back garden, where the previous sale had been around 330k. It’s worth noting that number 48 was nicely dressed, but I find it hard to believe that a coat of paint is worth 110k, even though the eventual purchasers were obviously happy to overpay.

This house. number 36, is more or less the same as number 48, perhaps older, but with an attic conversion which number 48 lacked at the time of sale, making it about 13 sq. meters bigger. Number 36 does have the apartment block directly behind though, but number 48 doesn’t.

Any thoughts on how much you think it’s worth?

I pass this house almost every day. It is a lovely row of redbricks…BUT that road is a nightmare, only one car can pass at a time. Parking very limited!!
And the apartments out the back, they can probably see what the residents of this row eat for breakfast…
That said Chapelizod still has a lot of appeal (even with the many apartment blocks) and I reckon it will get 400k. But who knows…

Any news from the viewing today?

Agree with Peardrops above, I pass this house a couple of times a week (never at rush hour) and the road is a nightmare with cars parked on both sides, lovely looking house though

Bidding @ 410k

Curiosity killed the cat…now bidding at 440k
Is this a mad price for a propert in D20 and close to Ballyfermot?


EA claims bidding of 450k and likely to close soon.

Crazy price for that area but it seems even areas like this are back in property bubble!!!

Sale agreed now. Staggering that it has gone for mid 400s if that’s the case. Chapelizod is a lovely village but this is a bit mad. Adding to the obvious no parking or privacy out the back, it’s also an issue out the front too .

According to Agent it is NOT sale agreed but bidding is currently at 455k with a few bidding…

D15 Dad, where did you get that erroneous info?

oops for some reason I thought this thread was about this house!

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