WIW 37 Castle Park, Clondalkin, D22

Would appreciate your thoughts on this property

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 22/1991463

Do ye think it’s worth it or would it go for less than the asking price?

Thanks in advance.

I hope it’s not worth it.
I would think that it’s worth about 70k less.

No garage, but also in one of the nicer bits of Clondalkin for €50K less.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 22/1927584

or 60K less here
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 22/1882683

How much do you value a garage and being a few minutes closerto the centre of the town?

I like the house & one in better contition (myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -22/433145) went sale agreed back in April asking €249k from €299K+, I wish we had this database to find out what they went for.

I also went to view this (myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 22/1835493) back in May & placed two bids on it at 195K & 210k, I didn’t follow up and it went 2/3wks later for what the EA said was substantial more than my last bit of 210k, I got the feeling from him it went in region of €230/235k what do you think?

My OH & I would like nice semi-D in near or in village, willing to go 220/230K max, not overlooked at rear & garage a huge plus. Would go with No 37. if I know I could get it at 220/230k bout 8% off.

Don’t think it’s worth 249k. If your a first time cash buyer you should be able to get that done for 210. I’d start at 190k and finish at 210k

This house is also rated “G”, would it cost a fortune to heat/maintain? Any comments would be great!

Is 17.5m a decent sized garden do you think?

I really don’t get it - there are houses in similar proximity in similar to the city centre for less than €200k.

This place needs a gutting unless you like living in the 1970’s.

I wouldnt pay over €165k for it myself but there you go.

The garden does look a decent size in the photos and bear in mind there are bushes on nearly every boundary of the garden so if you wanted to add some extra space you could always take them down and add a fence or wall.

The key is what you think, what you want, where you want to live etc…
The garden is east facing so gets the morning sun but not in the evening.

That house/road are ok but the nearby Monastery estate is much nicer.
The price is probably typical or even high in the current market but that is a timing/opinion issue,
but whatever about SCD I doubt if there is a shortage of houses in Clondalkin, or even a shortage of development land.

But maybe houses in the right side and close to the village are worth a premium.

Mmm as I suspected, this property let me down when I went to view it on Friday. When I phoned on Tues/Wed to arrange viewing the agent never said it was a mass viewing, he turned up 10mins late & had 3 other couples/families viewing it.

I really go mad at this crap, I mean all he had to do was stagger everyone about 10mins, (give us 7:30pm, next lot 7:40pm etc), I’m not joking when I say there was 9 people entering the house when EA showed up, EA makes 10 & me & OH makes 12. I don’t do bumping into each other around wardrobes/kitchen table with my rival bidders, so OH & I stayed in our car till at least 6 of them left, got tired waiting for others to leave. Like do EA’s still think these houses are selling like hot cakes.

Anyhow the EA made mistakes, oil heating instead of gas, & there’s no way that garden is 17.5m long, 10m at a push i’d say, should be priced €200k if yea aske me!

Sale Agreed. That didn’t last long…!

Maybe there is a shortage of houses in Clondalkin :slight_smile:

Or it could be effected by a relative of the SCD bouncing cat.

Wouldn’t give more than €120k and that’s being generous,it just needs to much doing to it.Quite surprised it S/Ad so quickly,looks like I need a serious re-calibration when it comes to valuing houses. :blush:

or do I … mmm.

Funny you should say this but I was talking to the OH the other day & there does appear to be a shortage of similar type houses for sale near enough the village area in the €180 - 250K bracket. I find there’s a lot of houses in the €130-180K bracket further away which don’t appeal to me, I’d prefer an older/solid house with garage if possible.

I’ve noticed on daft that on front page Dublin has been relagated to 4th possition in homes for sale after Cork, Galway, Kerry, Dublin (4,316 as of 12pm 7/8/12) an of these Clondalkin is down to 166 from an average of 180-200 6/12mths ago. There is clearly a shortage of homes for sale, are people holding back from selling or what could it be?

i think there’s a shortage of decent homes for sale.
I believe decent family homes in good locations are selling well and at a higher prices than achieved at the end of last year . But after hours looking at variosu sales details I will accept the bearish view for

  • most properties in rural areas or in outer suburbs with poor commuting links
  • small houses and apts unsuitable for families, even if in reasonable areas
  • many council areas even with larger houses (unusual) in reasonable location.

I see no real movement on them, but ,of course, there are exceptions. It really boils down to families wanting to get reasonable space in nice/reasonable locations -and the better/easier the commuting and other facilites (schools/s.centres etc) the more they’ll pay.

I accept this represents a small percent of Ireland’s properties ,so even if the family homes increased by 20% this year this would probably mean very little overall increase in Irish property prices. And if apts, rural houses and crappy ones decrease in prices then the good family-home price increase would mean almost zilch in any stats.

But, in ensuing years, will ther ebe any ripple effect / when people realise they can’t/won’t pay the higher prices for that SCD family house?