WIW 37 Leinster Street, Phibsboro, Dublin 7

June 2013: €315,000

  • 4 Bed Terraced House 120.8 m² / 1300 ft

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -7/2510197

I’d be interested in any thoughts on this, especially fom people who viewed it. Many thanks.

I haven’t viewed it, but I used to live around the corner on Shandon Road. Points that may be of helps are 1) Parking out front can be a problem, particularly on Bohs and Croaker match days. This house doesn’t seem to have parking from the laneway behind so on certain days it would be a real pain. 2) I heard that houses on Leinster street near the cross guns end had problems with wet ground from the canal. It was only a conversation I had once with a neighbour so don’t take my word for it but worth telling a surveyor. Also this house isn’t near that end so it probably doesn’t apply. 3) If this house was anything like my old one in build quality (and it looks very similar) the walls between houses aren’t extremely thick. You can hear a neighbours voice if they are calling each other from different rooms, but you can’t generally hear conversations. 4) This house has a shower room at the end of the kitchen, which isn’t very practical.

Thanks hiphop. Parking isn’t an issue for us, but good to know about the possibility of thin walls.

Huge abandoned mill/factory overlooking the back garden was enough for me to move on. Agree w/ comment re rear bathroom as well. Other than that, seemed a reasonable house. Good luck.

Thanks Goals. Yes, looking at the map view I can see why some people might be put off by the factory. I’d be more worried about what might eventually replace the factory… Hopefully, we’ll get a chance to fit in a viewing soon, and we’ll report back.

Pity about the back garden, and absence of a garage at end of garden, parking via lane is a disadvantage. A bit like hiphop I lived in nearby in Shandon Pk (renting) at one stage. That house had a decent garden, plus a good size garage at the end of the garden. I didn’t use it for parking (though next door neighbours did, so entirely feasible) but it made a great storage space (e.g. had chest deep-freeze there, which mitigated the small kitchen)

Fair play to you Croq - you are wearing out the shoe leather anyway in the house quest.
I only remember Pfizboro from college days when a lot of my compatriots had flats in those ‘province’ roads and roundabout. Despite a lot of them being ‘sliced’n’diced’ into diggeries it always struck me that the basic stock was sound.
Looked at a place in Connaught Street with a friend years ago and was impressed at both its condition and its potential - parking was the deal breaker for him at the time and he ended up in a more outer 'burb.
The handiness of the area to City Centre could not be better if you do not have a car - 10 min walk in and 15 min stagger back if I recall from student days and nights.
A problem in trying to live a normal family life around there is probably that there are still going to be a lot of staggerers!

I viewed this house a few weeks ago, mostly just as a comparison to other ones in the area to see what warranted the price tag.

I knew there was the old factory behind it but didn’t realise how much it would bother me until I was there. It’s quite imposing, both from the rear bedroom of the house and the garden. There’s also graffiti on the buildings, so I walked along the canal for a quick look after the viewing and there were gaps in fencing and cans/litter etc strewn around inside.

Also was surprised at how dark the kitchen felt, compared to the photo in which it looked small but bright!

Has anyone viewed 17 Leinster st?