WIW 37a Yellow Walls Malahide


Eur315K for a detached bungalow with a decent sized garden, on a good road in Malahide and walkable to the DART. It has an F BER and it’s only a 2-bed but at Eur370/Sqft the price still seems pretty low. Any thoughts?


Low asking price to get people in the door would be my guess :smiley:

its a long way to Malahide village from there too.

The house looks like a shed or garage from the outside… Awful in fairness - flat roof, sloped ceilings and what looks like the front door in the kitchen. It appears to be built in what was originally the back garden of number 37 and there is a hair salon to the front if you look at street view. It seems you have to walk down the side of the hair salon to get to it.

it is at the back of a hair salon that seems to be busy enough. I drove past the other day, and the salon is having some serious building work done. I would also assume there’ll won’t be off street parking (however someone feel free to correct me on this), and as it’s not too far from a primary school the on-street parking there is a complete frakking nightmare twice a day.
I’d hang on to my cash.