WIW 39 Lambay Road, Drumcondra

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -9/2246402

Any thoughts on a) what it’s worth (IYHO) b) what it will likely go for.

NO. 37 was up for sale for €525k recently (sherryfitzlettings.ie/resi/b … &ST=1&pc=1)

Sold for €531k per the PPR.


First let me say I’m biased as I live close by, but as an area to live in, around Griffith Ave. it ticks most peoples’ boxes. The outside looks kind of council house(ish) the inside certainly has the wow factor, but 500k for these houses is IMHO way too much, if house prices have dropped 50% did these houses ever go for a million? I don’t think so. The Road is straight narrow and soulless, but quiet.If I had to spend 500k I would wait for something on Griffith Ave.and finish to my own taste.

Have to say I’d agree with this ^. I had a look at the road on streetview and it definitely does have a slightly council house feel to the road. Now there’s nothing wrong with council houses, just not at that price!

Houses on Lindsay Road (for example) have sold at 455 and 500. 500 plus on Lambay makes no sense, especially as further up roads like Valentia (links homefarm and griffith ave) should command a significant premium on that (although Bantry Rd has houses at 580 and 670, so what do I know! only what I would/wouldn’t pay)

Went to see it on Saturday and there were lots of people there.

The road has so many types of houses on the it that it all seems a bit disjointed - definitely not a pretty road. Also the onstreet parking was very tight.

The nice thing about this house is the garden which is fabulous. I"m not so keen on the layout - having to walk through the living room to get to the family room means the living room is really a corridor. Also having a WC directly onto the lounge is not something I’d like.

That said, there seemed to be lots of interest and I’d say they’ll get near the asking.

Surely this is a much better buy for the money:

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -9/2244783

Would definitely take a semi-D with west facing garden on a quieter road over a terrace on a main street with north facing garden any day.

The houses on Lambay Road were built (on behalf of the British legion?) to house ex-servicemen from WW1. My Father was brought up a few doors away from this house. The big gardens are the main attraction. Someone made a comparison with further down Drumcondra. In 1988, Lambay Road houses were more expensive than Hollybank Road houses which in turn were cheaper than Lindsay Road so maybe a rough price parity is not too far out.

there is no comparison between them, i love griffith avenue but the first house has definitely got more character, and that garden is fantastic.

there is no window in the kitchen of the griffith avenue house. there is no view from the brick extension. id have to see the griffith avenue house to comment further - but the photos are BAD and also good, as they are showing that parts of griffith avenue are often in shade.

that said. its not a main road. its one of the nicest roads in dublin. the pavements are extremely wide all the way down.


they are making this look over priced however

Hi folks, I was at the viewing on Saturday and there were about 60 couples there so lots of interest. But it’s very strange that the house attached to it (number 37) just sold a few months ago. There have been very few houses sold in this area in the last few years and one was next door and one across the road in a short space of time is a bit wierd.
BTW. saw the one on Griffith Avenue and it’s been rented for the last 9 years and it’s pretty grim and the layout sucks!

Who knows, maybe that part of the street is haunted, built on an indian graveyard or something (you NEVER see that mentioned in the estate agents’ property write-ups, you’ve just got to find out for yourself by getting a psychic/priest/shaman/economist to do a survey).

It could also mean that sellers 2 and 3 were rather pleased with the price they saw seller 1 get, and they wanted to jump in and grab that price because they see the market going down. May or may not be the case, but it’s at least as credible as my haunting theory and you could use it to frame a negotiation strategy (e.g. go in around price of previously sold house or slightly below and offering a quick no-chain close or cash-purchase).

It does look good. If that’s a big draw for you then you should keep an eye out for any houses up in that area. Valentia Road has gardens about 50% longer again (which I’ve seen first hand), and some houses on Bantry road have gardens that are even longer than that (checking from aerial photography on Google Maps).

Knew someone on Valentia road years back. Had a normal garden (flowers, lawn, swingball, dog, etc.,) near house, then a chicken-wire fence with a gate and beyond that a vegetable garden with greenhouse, veg in ridges, cloches, etc., then beyond that a henhouse and hen-run. Also, to side of the house was a good size garage, which was basically a workshop, and driveway to park the car. Really a great house to have if you love tinkering and pottering around. :slight_smile:

Edited to remove repetition of fact from earlier in the thread.

Wish someone had pointed that out before, oh wait it’s in the first post. :unamused:

So apparently there is an offer of 530k on for this house, which seems incredible given the road that it is on.

Another viewing tomorrow, but I think I will pass.

Dublin 9 still feels like a bubble.


Lambay road also connects Homefarm and griffith ave, garden is great internal layout not optimised but neighbours house went for this kind of price also

Can compare with homefarm 4 bed on at 479K which in anyones language is still big money for the area but there is a lack of family homes in an area that has good schools and access to the city

there is a 4 bed in courtland on at 375K which is going to need quite a refurbishment, to do it right cant see change from 100K

All of which means Drumcondra is still crazy at the moment

How much of this might actually relate to the schools premium? St. Patrick’s Boys’ National School is a big draw (it seems) to parents/parents-to-be. I’m not in that cohort at the moment, but it seems to be a big concern for those who are, and if you’re not in the catchment area getting boys into the school is tricky.

€530k for that house on Lambay seems mad, to be honest. Is it really worth twice the 4 bed house sold on Whitworth? viewtopic.php?f=10&t=38308 (Clearly 39 Lambay is nicer, but does that justify such a jump?.. however if it makes the difference between one school and another, maybe tips balance?)

The secondary schools in the area aren’t that great, mind.

Our son goes to St. Pat’s. And it is a good school. But not mind-blowingly so.

I think the problem is (as pointed out above) that there is a shortage of good family homes. That a middle class couple would not turn their noses up at.

I went along to Lambay for the second viewing. It was a nice house. Very nice, with a big garden.

But the layout is weird, and it sounded like a bidding war was in progress. For that road…over half a million? No thanks.

We will continue to sit on the sidelines.