WIW 39 Mountain View Road, Ranelagh

This went for auction today - anyone know what it went for?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/2779441


Thanks Luan - that’s a big jump from an AMV of 725. It may also need some renovation work?

It’s in line with recent sales on this street. I can’t be arsed to post the PPR links from my mobile. But it is a lot of moula for 127sqm!

You are a millionaire based upon a price per square foot analysis :slight_smile:

My sources tell me the buyers are a menage a trois, involving a hospital consultant, senior counsel and research bio-chemist who works for Big Pharma. The latter has invented a serum which guarantees a life span of 200 years. Accordingly the bank has lent them 800k or 3.5 x combined salaries over 100 years - easily affordable even if they subsequently have children or if they decide to turn their garden into a celtic tiger-esque box as is the custom on the road.

Did they pay in cash?