WIW: 4 bed detached Northside Drogheda

The inaugural post!

I’ve been reading the Pin for a couple of years now but I never considered myself learned enough to deign to offer advice :slight_smile: … No problem asking for it though!

I’m looking for a WIW in Drogheda daft.ie/searchsale.daft?id=583307

The house needs a major refurb but hopefully nothing structural, just cosmetic. It’s in a well-established estate on the northside of the town. The house is advertised as a 5 bed but one of the bedrooms is downstairs so I personally wouldn’t count it as one.

Fire at will…

No replies :open_mouth:

Might this mean that the asking price is considered fair or are Pinsters not interested in Drogheda houses?!

unless your looking at SDC the responses will be very limited here !! SDC is the Pin’s Pale

Not since my days in UCD have I felt like such a culchie! :blush:

Bit more detail would help in the thread title. I for one might pay 2.50 for the whole of Drogheda. If its in Australia, a little more.

Thanks Onlyone, I’ve edited it accordingly.