WIW? 4 Desmond St Portobello

daft.ie/searchsale.daft?id=6 … rch=1&ea=1

I know houses around this little niche have always been extremely popular, but this looks very small for the money doesn’t it?


Not a mad price for the area. Still a way to in my mind in this area

Felicity Fox has this for sale, two doors up?

felicityfox.ie/sales/80 at 650. Its been for sale for ever.

Would say the asking price is close to the current market value, very popular area at the moment. I wish OMD and Castle EA’s would buy a measureing tape. I am gussing the house is about 90-100 sqm, does not seem to be a too narrow from the front view. The usual Portobello problems of a small back garden and on-street parking but the red bricks and the 5 min walk to town for all the profossional working around there seems to be be the big selling piont of houses in this area.

Either get one of these or a crumbling apartment with massive service charges. :slight_smile:

When all purchasing and renovation costs are taken into account you’d be lucky to move in for less than €500k. Call be a permabear if you want, but I just expect more house for less money in Dublin in 2012.

They where not always popular. In the mid 70s there was a proposal to CPO the entire area (from Clanbrassil to Camden St, and from the Grand Canal to Kevin St, and demolish it, to replace it with a modern 70s type concrete development. The cost of purchase, demolition, and rebuild been far less than the cost of refurbishment at the time. Also to fill in the canal and turn it into a 4 lane high way.

This area only started to get gentrified in the Mid 80’s.