WIW 4 Fairfield Road, Glasnevin, Dublin 9

Auctions. I hate them. Stacked against buyers. But I saw this at the weekend and thought it had a lot going for it. Anyone willing to guess what it will sell for? According to the ppr three in the general area have sold for 315k or so over the past three years but don’t know about condition etc. myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -9/2424590

love that area. house is in total revamp condition.

hate the sun room. would want to get rid of it and replace it.

however i agree it has a lot going for it. very handy for town and the M50.

it will at least get asking. perhaps up to 330.

Bear this in mind as a reference:

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -9/1597156

Sold for €315,300. From memory I think this sold far, far earlier than April 2012 but maybe I am wrong.

Personally, I would demolish the sunroom and flat roofed kitchen and rebuild a decent extension connecting to the second reception room (which is currently looking into the sunroom and so is quite dark).

After that, it needs a standard renovation.

Will be keeping an eye on the auction. Will be a good house, but a lot of work to be done first.

It appeals to me mostly cause though there’s much to be done, it appears to be in liveable condition and the work could be done over time. Either that or I could just carry on getting older till the house sort of suits me.

Went to see this on Saturday. Neighbours extension is a major issue here, the overhang is quite substantial, I’d guess around 18 inches.

Absolutely correct. Check out Google Earth:

maps.google.ie/maps?q=4+fairfiel … e&t=h&z=20

Looks like that would definitely interfere with plans for a new extension. Perhaps even go so far as to create a boundary issue. Hope prospective bidders are doing their homework.

Does anyone know what are the legal rights of this house. Can they make the neigbour move their roof back? I see there planning permission was granted in 2003, do they need 20 years of having it and then they legally get prescriptive rights or is different with boundaries?

You need to ask a solicitor this, there is no way you can get a definitive answer on a forum like this; any opinion really is irrelevant, as what you need here is a yes or no answer.

To be honest this would put me right off, I would not like to be going down a legal route with a new neighbour, was general query because have herd of it a bit now. Does not seem wise for either side to let this happen.

Didn’t realise where this house was until I went past at lunch - the other big issue with it is the BOI branch across the road, handy yes, but you’ll get people parking across your drive way during the day which would be a right pain. The road is often packed with cars at lunch time re same.

Saw this house it has potential but the encroachment is a big issue. Suing your new neighbours not an ideal start to life in a new area.Also has previous pinsters have said difficult to marry a second story extension into the neighbours one

Solictor said that there would be issues over title and there would be a need to agree boundaries

Sad to see someone take advantage of the previous owner in this way

Might pop in to auction to see what happens but definitely not interested in bidding with these complexities included

I guess that answers why this is up for auction and not a private treaty sale.

No bids

Back on market private sale

Well done everyone