WIW - 40 Balally Terrace, Sandyford - listed @ Eur 575k

This was launched onto the market on May 25, & went Sale Agreed June 8.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 14/3175317

2 weeks would have to be some sort of record in the current environment.

The house itself looks lovely and I’d class it as turn key.
It’s a good size at 155 sqm with most of that living space.
I think the floor plan is very good but the only issue I would have is the lack of a master en-suite.
I think the front room is slightly wasted however (to the right as you enter).
They have used sky lights & a large stair window to maximize light so it appears much brighter than one would expect.
It also has a good back garden with a rear access gate.
While the terrace is considered an area of special conservation, this largely relates to the front facade so owner’s shouldn’t have any issue with adjusting the layout or adding into the garden (#40 & the neighbor have completed large extensions).

When I saw this put up I thought the pricing was low (relatively speaking) and there would be strong competition.
It represents an opportunity to own a home of character with all the mod cons within 5 minutes of Dundrum shopping center.
Turns out I was right!

Did anyone view this property or have any comments?
What do people think of the pricing, the finish etc?

I went to see it. Very nicely finished throughout, lovely design touches and a really nice feel to the place. That end of the terrace is away from the road, so pretty quiet too. Before going to see it I was wondering if it might be open to offers, but it was a very busy viewing and seemed clear it would sell well.

I heard there was an offer of asking on it more or less straight away, I’d guess it went for more than the asking

It’s on a bit longer than that though, collapso has it listed as 6th May.

I didn’t view it but anything I have viewed in top condition (physically and decoratively) has sold quickly and sold well (achieved close to or above asking) in the past month.

It still amazes me how sellers underestimate the interiors when trying to shift a property… the next year will be interesting, especially for executor sales.

We also viewed this. It was lovely and very nicely decorated. However it was a little dark downstairs, even in the main open-plan room at the back and that was on a sunny morning in summer so could be quite dark in winter. The lack of an en suite was a plus for us! (If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s this mania for ensuites in relatively small houses. :imp: I’d rather a bigger bedroom personally and fewer bathrooms to maintain/ clean). It did seem like there was a lot of interest but as it was our very first viewing we weren’t ready to jump in. A little sorry to have missed out on it, though the area wasn’t really our top choice.

Edited to add that when we registered to view there was an offer already in at the asking. When we turned up for the viewing a few days later we were greeted with the news that there were three bidders already involved and it was at 610k at that point.