WIW - 40 Hannaville Park Terenure

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 6w/2523817

Any opinions on the above? Positive/Negative points?
Was 795k. Reduced to 750. Vendors holding out for as close to possible asking price. offer of 725 rejected.

Southside are you looking at particular area? You seem to have put up a fairly random selection of places location wide. Or what’s the criteria?

Location preference - D6, SCD - Dun Laog, Blackrock, Sandycove.
In general looking for a 3 bed, low maintenance (small)garden, prepared to do renovations/refurb.
I’m widening my location search then to take in houses with period feautures/character which is what i like (regency style villa/edwardian or victorian). We are in the 40-45 yr old bracket with no kids so big garden or schools not of major interest to us. Would like to be walking distance of shops/small village.
Price - up to 750 max (obviously cheaper if doer-upper)

€372 / sq ft seems like a great price in the current market. It’s big, in good nick, sought after location. Small garden and aspect seem to be the negatives. What else? Is that mold on the coving in Pic 9?

OP surely this is much too big for your needs?

Yep - looks like its starting in Pic 8 also

Thanks for the comments.

Yeah had crossed my mind, ie ‘is it too big for my needs’ - although to be honest the living space isn’t that big and i wouldnt consider 2000 sq ft to be massive.

Do I really need 5 bedrooms - definetly not. But then again bedroom 3 is tiny. Thinking could be converted into bathroom perhaps? i know there is cost with this and probably devalue the house straight away moving from 5 bed to 4 bed…

Anyway, to me the biggest drawback on this one is parking.

Appreciate all comments to date - it has been 12 years since my last house hunting and so far it has been a good learning exercise for me on re-assessing my must haves/nice to haves/deal breakers etc.

It’s complicated because of the location of bedroom 3. At a guess, you’d need to run water pipes to the front of the house and evacuation pipes from the new bathroom to the back of the house. Then you have the big window too; not something you necessarily want in a bathroom.

I’d probably make bedroom 3 into a study or music room.

There’s no such thing as too many rooms, only too little imagination.

Billiards room, yoga/meditation womb, fabrication lab, dungeon…

It’s good to have such flexibility, especially given the low level of stock. If it was me I’d still narrow down an area based on shops, cafe’s, parks, sport facilities or whatever is really important to you and work from there. As they say location, location, location. All the areas are clearly nice but some will have different vibes, different levels of traffic, more or less cafes/sports facilities etc etc.

For example in relation to that house on Iona - potential for a gorgeous houses no doubt, but there is no villagy feel nearby imho. I love the houses but the area is very bland imho. Traffic is a joke at harts corners most mornings.

Thank you for your thoughts KB - you are right. Always good to bounce these things off other people so one can see the wood from the trees

#40 still for sale

and #72 now on asking 875k with a postage stamp back garden
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 6w/2842417

#40 sold 24-7-14 for €750k