WIW - 40A York Road, Dun Laoghaire

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Double-fronted, 3 bed, tiny kitchen and crazy shower head fixing aside, any guesses on where this one will finish up, with the current propertygeddon, I’ll get the ball rolling at €550k :angry:

Asking €395k.

Next door sold for 400K 5 months ago.

40 York Road

I notice that 40A benefits from specifically “one” parking space, due to the fact that you are sharing a small driveway with No. 40, which recently sold. Cute looking house from the front, but small with some serious flaws (tiny & slanted kitchen/bathroom) and wont appeal to anybody. That said, if it even appeals to two people in this world, and it most likely will, it will largely exceed the asking.

This should go well over asking assuming there is no structural / planning / title issue that we don’t know about.

Yes, it’s still a nice period house with some nice proportions (and some quirks that one will have to live with), with a fan light, shutters and a lovely view of the church. The right of way to the parking space looks a bit weird but I’m sure the sale of next door clarified that. I couldn’t stand the traffic on York Road myself but I’d guess somewhere between €450k to €500k assuming no hidden horrors.

Forgot to add manky garden to the list of downsides, might be fixable with a bit of effort and attention.

Interesting reading the thread on the neighbouring house (thanks for the link SoCoDu!) that it went for 25k under asking at 400k, the parking thing is quite strange but probably not a deal breaker if you’re a one car family/singleton.

Check out the google street view. What happened there? The house had a decent front lawn and now it seems to be gated off only a few feet from the front door. Assuming that the original house owned that front area, what has happened to that?
If it was sold as it looks in the street view then it would be pretty easy to get 2 cars into your own lawn.
to me it looks like some of the lawn has been lobbed off.
Is there scope to extend at the back because that galley style kitchen is dead and gone. For me, it needs about 50k so I think 375/400 is loads for that property.

“Off Street Parking for One Car”

House next door was sold by receiver and this one was owned by same guy so I am assuming it is a receiver sale as well. It will probably have to be a cash buyer as the banks are generally very slow to finance mortgages on receiver sales as the receivers generally don’t stand behind anything.

Feels like ages since a nice affordable house has appeared> I cant wait to go see this one tomorrow. Any ideas on what a good bid would be for this one?

Well I think it will go 450-500k but I would start at the asking. I think it’s a lovely looking period house. When you’re there spend a bit of time listening to the traffic noise in the upstairs front rooms. Also, if you’re serious I would talk to the next door neighbours who only moved in a few months ago. I’m sure they will have some good intelligence for a prospective buyer.

Are you impartial here? Sorry, have to ask. First post and all that!

It was mad at the open viewing this morning. Some very determined looking prospective buyers giving each other the evil eye! The price of €395,000 has drawn people in. It will go for way more than that and then needs a decent sum spent on refurbishment. Classic lack of supply situation.

Unfortunately I was impartial and naïve as well by the looks of it. I cant believe the photos they took of this house and what it actually looks like in real life. I just wasted a nice morning

What did you spot wrong ladiesinwaiting?

Its so much smaller than the pictures. They obviously stretched the pictures. Also its been done up recently enough and damp is still coming through the walls especially upstairs. There is no parking as far as I could see. I didn’t expect the amount of people to be there as there was. Is this normal?

Well a period double fronted house for under 400k in SCD - they are pricing for interest, hoping for 500k. It looks attractive on the surface but I’m sorry that it was a let down inside. I think they share a parking space with the house next door in that common area in front of the railings of both houses. Still I think it will sell all the same.

In general they are always smaller than they look in the pictures. That’s expected.

Sometimes I think buyers are a bit too precious about the whole process. Of course an EA is going to try to take photos that show the property in a favourable light.

I took your advice and went for another look last night. I guess I just need to lower my expectations. Lots of people went to see again last night. While it looks good outside it is small enough on the inside. Also there is no room to do any extensions which is a problem. Looks like the big house to the right at some point took over half the garden and the back wall of the house is in the neighbors garden. On the positive there are nice high ceilings. Might have another look this weekend. Will bring my friend who is an engineer and knows a lot about this stuff.