WIW 42 Pine Valley Park, Rathfarnham

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Any opinion on this house?

Very nicely done. Very expensive.

Nice gaff in a er nice estate - I could see it going for something reasonably close to asking. Looks in good nick but no BER - I doubt insulation has been done - I would want to spend another 20K or so on that.

Viewed this few weekends ago, bit on the high side price wise. Lot of road noise in rear garden which is small enough. Wouldn’t be mad about the diner extension, not a great use of space imo and I’d imagine hard to keep warm in the winter. Also EA on this one is hardwork

Literally a stone’s throw from the M50.

Not a bad area, but quite far out - definitely not what you’d call Rathfarnham central.

Way overpriced in my book - I’d only start looking at an ask of 450k and then expect to negotiate down.

I wouldn’t expect road noise there? It’s a decent way from the M50, I’ve been to houses much closer that don’t suffer from noise. The postal address may be Rathfarnham, but for practical purposes it is in Ballinteer.

Had dealings Orchard before, wasn’t impressed.

What usmhot said and what firstbass said

Bit of a no-mans-land as well, far away from shops and schools (except from Lidl). You’d have to drive everywhere

Pine valley is a noisy estate. Depends on wind direction and all sorts but there is a decent amount of noise. The garden of this one suffers a bit from noise from the grange road.

It is a bit far out but being within walking distance of Marley is a big plus. Additionally, houses and gardens are decent size.

Next to the lidl there is a centra/off-license/chemist/bombay pantry.
Superquinn within walking distance too (possibly even closer than lidl). There are schools behind it too.
Dundrum a stiff 20 min walk away maybe?

Marley/st johns gaa/meadowbrook pool etc all close by.

I walk mostly to supermarket and school. Centra is not a supermarket and I tend to avoid them due to price. Superquinn is a lot further I thought? The school my relatives who live in Pine Valley go to is not within walking distance but there might be another one close by, I am not sure about this either.

Divine word and scoil naithi and balinteer school all primary schools within walking distance of this house. Marley less than 5 mins. Superquinn less than 10 mins. market in Marley on Saturday mornings about 15 min walk too.

Ok then. Scrape that :wink:

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Sale agreed, this one seemed to stall for a while

Sold for 585k
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Was €585k the asking price?

Asking was 585 according to the property.ie link. Seems about right for current market. I saw this one, nicely presented and a decent sized SW garden.

this is up on the price register now, sold 1/7/13 for €585,000.00

#14 sold 7-8-13 (€415k)