WIW - 42 Seapark Drive Clontarf

myhome.ie/2519447 - asking €430k

Pros: south facing garden, good BER, ready to move into
Cons: small house, no hotpress, no utility room, washing machine under the stairs, no bath, small extension

Offer of €455k

455K for that is simply insane

The bulls are back in the Tarf. Did they ever leave?

Is it just me or are there some parts of the northside that are more bubbly than most of SCD?
It seems 500k is the starting point for a lot of dross coming on the market.

Have to agree with the above. Some of the prices being fetched in parts of D3 and D9 at the moment are incredible. If you own a house in Clontarf that could possibly be described on a brochure as ‘turnkey’, now is the time to sell up by the looks of it.


Its not worth more than €350k and forget about it as a forever house if you are planning kids it just to bloody small.

Sold for 472k
propertypriceregisterireland.com … and-78227/