WIW -44 Eglinton Road, Donnybrook, DUBLIN 4

Just seen this one one Eglinton road. I’m personally not in the market but I’d appreciate the pinsters opinions on WIW

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … n-4/415666


Far lower that what anyone would believe.

Take a look at:

realtor.com/realestateandhom … 6600-68748

This is what $400k gets you in what was once considered one of the greatest cities in America.

But of course, this is Ireland. Things are different here. Nothing like this could ever be got here. :unamused:

if this is the one I’ve been told about it’s an executor sale, nothing done in 40 years. (looks okish to me though?)

A bidder is offering 900k and I believe to be accepted
/anecdote (friend of friend looking at Eglinton Rd)

Is it worth it, let me work it
I put my thing down, flip it and reverse it

Asking €600/sq.ft. for something that “could be transformed” into a decent home. Utter madness.

The key word here is “ONCE”. Not comparing like for like really now are we?

time.com/time/magazine/artic … 64,00.html

Viewed today - great potential etc… but needs a reasonable amount of work, new kitchen/back extension/bathrooms and probably some rewiring and central heating to be modernised.

Estate agent very nicely told us there was an offer of €895k on it. Obviously being pushed onto open view in order to generate more interest.

So there IS still some silly money out there…

PS you’re meant to post the link to the ad… :slight_smile:

Turnkey and mint, €700,000 - €800,000. A house for the rich, but not super-rich, on one of Dublin’s most prestige roads. There are only a few thousand homes in the city with better/as good an address.

This valuation leaves enough room below it for a ladder: “average” suburban 3-bed semi-d’s in the €100,000’s, 4 and 5 beds in the €200,000’s, “above average” 3/4/5 beds (in Terenure or Castleknock) at €300,000 - €500,000, the very best of suburban houses (Rathgar, Clontarf) in the €500,000 - €700,000 bracket…and then this place on Eglinton Road at €700,000 - €800,000. There is also room above this price to allow for the Ailsbury Road redbricks and Kiliney mansions.

Back of an envelope, amateur’s guesstimations. No more, no less.

Detroit is a hole, pure and simple. There are also annual property taxes of USD10,000. That is USD200,000 over the life of a 20 year mortgage, an additional 50% of the price.

This would be like having a detached house in South Hill just beside the Dundons and the Collopys.

I hear there was a offer sitting on this for weeks/months - agent came back and said " we've got a offer 10k higher will you match it?" Mr. Offerer "No thanks, best of luck"

One week later agent calls up and says “Eh, our other offer was withdrawn, we will now accept your previous offer”

“No thanks, our offer is withdrawn…”

Mr Phantom strikes again??

I sincerely hope so. Until we bring some transparency into the process, there will always be charlatans on both sides.

I was told it was sale agreed