WIW 45 Hollybank Avenue Lower, Ranelagh

€560 3 Bed Terraced House 105.9 m²
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/2123552

Went to see this today:

Beautiful street of houses … I was in red brick, bay windowed heaven. Parking was okay to get.
Great location near Ranelagh.
Great use of the small space i.e. layout of the rooms are good.

Garden tiny, east facing.
Attic converted but there is a very narrow spiral stairs. It would be seriously dangerous for kids.

€450K but I’m sure it’ll achieve close to asking in current mkt.

Lol. 560k for 105 sq.m (including attic conversion). You’d need to be out of your mind. It looks tidy (small rooms, though) but that street gets a good bit of traffic. Much better value per square metre available in Drumcondra.

In fact, does this work out even more expensive than those equally small places in Portobello?

Crazy, crazy asking price.

Were there many viewing?

I’m not sure parking is so good on that road. Saturday viewing might have been ok.

Id check it after 7pm to see what it’s like.

1000sqft over 3 levels with a tiny garden is hardly something to get excited over. Its not inspired living at 560k. Price seems high but so is everything around there.

I suppose it’s a case of whether you want it to be you who is fleeced for this.

The street is very quiet. It’s a cul de sac so don’t agree with Croquette that it gets lots of traffic.

Beautiful street, lovely small houses. But they are small and have tiny gardens, street parking too. €560k is a crazy price. My value on it is €380k, but it will probably sell for close to asking. Houses here rent for at or below €2k per month, so you’ve got to value it along those lines, don’t forget the rental market is quite strong at present.

They are not really family homes, good first time buyer size house, but at €2,800 per month (92%, five year fixed or €2,500 with MIR) it’s just not worth it.

Rent there instead and enjoy the freedom this gives you without the shackles of a mortgage over half a million.

A colleague who works with me lives on Hollybank and loves it…A lot of families and lots of kids, very neighbourly road he says…

Ohmylordie I hadn’t noticed that the 105sqm included the attic conversion. Crazy crazy asking price indeed so! Crikey, it really shouldn’t be quoted. The spiral staircase was so tiny that my husband didn’t even bother trying to get up into it. I hit my head trying to leave and I am 5ft 3’ short.

I’m afraid I have no idea of numbers viewing - I was a quick in an out. It was busy. The estate agent wasn’t really interested in taking my name; imho, a sign that they think it will be an easy sell due to the traffic.

No doubt you get more bang for your buck in Drumcondra, but there’s a reason why areas such as Ranelagh attract a premium, and it’s called demand.
I think that this premium is excessive myself, but there are others that don’t…

Now a 3 bed terrace of 107sqm for €495k. 10% down on 2012 price in Ranelagh of all places.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/2874558

Different roads. Different types of houses. One was in walk-in condition, the other looks like an executor sale. No comparison at all.

Yes different road, Upper seems to be more like a lane at the end of lower and the other house from its description was in better condition tho the size and plots are similar. would also think it will go above 550k despite this.

Just sold for 755k
propertypriceregisterireland.com … nd-163641/

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/3271729

#18, new to market asking 595k. West facing garden, needs a lot of work.

#45 sold for about 750 per sqft

Viewed this. It’s tiny. Like a doll’s house and yes, it does need a lot of work. In two units currently. Apparently an executor sale though there are definitely quite messy people living or staying in it at the moment (I suspect students - has that look…). The layout would be tricky to reconfigure so I think this would best suit a couple without kids (or single person with a bit of cash) who don’t mind having a small kitchen. Maybe D6 downsizers releasing equity from sale of a larger house who can afford to renovate before moving in. The viewing was really busy though.

Edited to add landlords might be interested at the right price too. Though I always feel a little sad seeing period houses chopped up into units/ stripped of the features that give them their charm.

This type of house is a magnet:
for couples on good salaries
who are a couple of years away from planning first child, (two bedrooms will do them for next five years, when their child arrives they discover that storage, buggies etc is important)
suffer from redbrick-itis
want a project which they can put their ‘stamp’ on to use EA speak
like brunch and drinkies in Ranelagh

It won’t take long to shift.

Agree but they would be young if they are ‘years away from planning first child’ and at that age, even on good salaries, mightn’t have the deposit required and the cash for renovation - this place is in need of quite a bit.

Gay couples in their 30s though or a straight couple on good salaries in their 40s who haven’t yet bought, have decent savings and will not be having children. Maybe there’s your market.