WIW 46 Kincora Road, Clontarf, Dublin 3

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Needs complete refurb Any ideas how much this would cost for a refurb with a small kitchen extension?
Ballpark anyone?

According to the EA they’ve already refused a cash offer of €500k.


another seemingly reasonable cash offer and another refusal

maybe all these dublin estate agents have done a refresher course lately

how about making cash offer of 500,199.99 do you think that would secure it?

That cash offer is reasonable, in my mind. There’s another 60k to 70k’s work in it (am not an expert or even an educated/experienced BTW - just roughly a guess), which would put the total about right. Clontarf seems to be a bit overpriced with not a huge amount of stock

500k for that? Shocked, I am, shocked. About 150k.

We still are in the land of the faries


LMFAO!!! Your all screwed if most of the country still thinks a shithole like that is worth that much.

Insanity, no other word for it. I’m sorry but if you have access to that type of money then you need to run away and leave ASAP!

Seriously? If looks ex council. 150k at least to modernise…any my god, U G L Y.

If this was being bid at 220k I’;d say carry on…but 500k, for that…even the fairies wouldn’t accept an asylum application from the person bidding on that. XX

I have previously posted that Gunnes, (as in crowd of Gunntz !), should be treated with complete disdain and contempt (as this is how they normally treat their customers and potential customers). For 500k the owner should bite your arm off. Does have a communist bloc look about this house.

Thought this one in Clontarf was asking way too high at 380k

This one is smaller in Kincora but again asking price currently 25-30% too high at 385k

I couldn’t agree more. The guy who deals with Clontarf is particularly conceited in the manner in which he deals with people. I have posted on dealings with him in the past. I wouldn’t believe a word he says in respect to that offer. In fact it’s so obvious it’s complete rubbish given price.

The reality is that it’s only a 3 bed. 2 years ago I bid on a 4 bed with this guy for around the 500k mark.
There are much better priced 4 beds in Clontarf at the moment.
That aside I’ve given up on Clontarf for the next couple of years. The money being demanded for most 3/4 beds is complete nonsense. Supply is still very constrained. The other big worry is that Clontarf will get absolutely nailed on property taxes given it’s high site price, and proximity to the city. This will likely crash the market completely.

Sold Feb 2012 for €510,000

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