WIW 46 St Thomas Road, Dublin 8

Any thoughts?


Nice area, the Tenters, although St Thomas Road is one of the less attractive streets (more of a main road than most of them). Very solidly built houses - first council estate ever built in Dublin apparently, back in the 1930s. Its small with no garden and no parking - whether it represents value really depends on what it would cost to get it into decent nick, which its impossible to tell from the pictures.

Personally, I would wait for the property price database and check what this one sold for (onview.ie/511247/37_St_Thomas_Ro … n_8_Dublin - I think that is an old listing, there is a DNG Sold sign up since last week, having been sale agreed for months) before coming to a decision.

Thanks Txirimiri…I’ll keep an eye out for it.

37 sold for 150k as per ppr yellowschedule.com/house_price_d … ublin+8%26

Sold for the asking price :slight_smile:

#37 was asking 220K as per above link.
It sold for 150K as per reg.

#46 is asking 150K and appears to be still for sale.

We went to see it and they say there is an offer in at 140k. We don’t have our ducks in a row at the moment so we’re really just keeping an eye on things rather than seriously interested.