WIW: 47 Kenilworth square

lisney.com/Residential/47-Ke … lin-6.aspx

This is a funny one. Seems to be in the middle of a renovation, no sign of any heating either.
Great garden and space too.

I have a feeling it’ll go over asking.

Is it gone already?

Sold for €2,225,000 in Nov 2005 - well over €1.85m guide. Wasn’t all stripped down then, but a 2014 planning application straight away refers to dry rot:
“It is obvious that the building is suffering from a serious dry rot outbreak”
I suppose that’s why the place was pulled apart in the pictures - they were probably trying to alleviate this issue.

Owner is also the owner/founder of the car garage a few doors down :angry:

Not saying it’s the case with this one, but I know someone who bought a large period redbrick close by a couple of years ago, half renovated. It was supposed to be a flipper but the developer literally ran out of money and had to sell it gutted with a few bits done

I wonder have they sorted out the dry rot?