WIW - 47 Rathgar Road, Rathgar, Dublin 6

I love the EA’s refreshinly honest description and cautions.

Conclave ceilings! I love it. It makes me think that the house is haunted by the ghosts of the cardinals that didn’t make pope :smiley:

More likely to be haunted by ex AIB wankers: viewtopic.php?f=46&t=26593

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/2482566

Nice house, nice garden, busy road on three sides :frowning:

Go on have a guess what is it worth???

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Interesting, not the only ghosts!

Absolutely love the house’s façade. Probably best to turn it into apartments as the location would be too busy for a prime home. I haven’t seen the house, but I would imagine that apartments of good quality in the building would achieve €400/sqft and the new house could achieve the same, therefore around €700-€800k. If the apartments are about 800sqft each (after the wasted space in the hallways are deducted), then you’re talking nearly €1m for them and another €700-800k for the house would bring total revenue to about €1.7m-€1.8m, so I’d say plenty of room for profit.

I’d say 635k

This house rings a bell.
Was it on the news a long time ago over some sort of tragedy?
A LONG time ago.

I may be mistaken. But a similar looking house on Rathgar Road.

If you do a quick double take… It looks like the girl from ‘the ring’, is standing on the upper left balcony.

Looks like a young Eastern European girl died potentialy of Hypothermia in the house.

It looks like it has been derelict for years, the residents complained of squatters and floods coming out of one of the doors back in 2009

There were attempts to sell this privately last year for around €500,000.

It needs to be completely rebuilt. The cost would be of the order of €750,000.

The location is very poor.

Closest comparable I can think of is the Sydenham road site in dundrum that went for 575 which IMO was a better site. However I think that thus might get a bit more given current momentum in market. As usual I hope I’m wrong

Sold for €2.65m in 2004.

Offer of 565 turned down.

Imagine what it would have gone for in 2006

Bidding up to 870 on this and climbing, still 4 bidders hashing it out

Just for people reading in the future, asking is €675k (therefore offer is c. 200k over asking)

Sale agreed.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/2482566

Sold 16-10-13 for €950k

seems very high - best of luck to the new purcasher - must be for development?

Sydenham Road (Sydenham House) site looks like a bargain

NO the developer went sale agreed at 960 but pulled out soon afterwards. It is a single guy who purchased at 950 and not a developer according to the EA