WIW 48 Ardmore Park, Bray

The second property I am wondering about is this, semiD in “nice” location - mature middleclass estate.

Again, what do you think this might go for? It came onto the market earlier this year at, I think, 285k.
Thanks for any input.


Any ideas, anyone?

I’ll take a pop.

Bray is a dangerous kip and that house looks small and gaudy.

150,000 max, maybe nearer 120,000

This house is now sold, it went for slightly under €220k (horse’s mouth).

Seems a lot
Thought 180 would be the right ballpark

Next year, maybe?
After all, 3 years ago the other half of this semiD was asking €600k. Didn’t get it, of course, in fact it didn’t sell. Ditto for another one that was asking €599k.