WIW 5 Bed Detached Ashbourne Meath

Have heard on the grapevine that a 5 bed detached house in my ideal estate in Ashbourne may be coming up for sale. Apparently it would need modernisation. Reasonable garden size, walking distance to everything. Trying to get an idea of what it might be worth as would consider approaching them privately and seeing if I could nab it!

Thanks in advance

You might like to post some more information to get any meaningful discussion.

Not a lot to go on there Max,do you have a link to it or similar property?

Wow, after a brief look at myhome and daft there I see Ashbourne still retains a high opinion of itself! :stuck_out_tongue:

When you drive there on the N2 you can see thousands of acres of empty land on way out there making the cost of land near agri value in Ashbourne area so only pay around cost of building such a 5bed house plus say 20%. Anything greater is over limit. A lot of people who bought up there bought near peak and cant afford to take less but there will be distressed sellers along the way. The estate agents up there seem to be still in denial too , one of them thinks he can single handely keep the prices afloat . He has several properties up there himself. Idiots.

Ratoath, Ashbourne, Dunshaughlin - I call it the Bermuda Triangle, somethings missing…

You should see Ratoath 2 miles away with a fraction of the amenities.

The last three years?

:laughing: Something like that!!

Apologies for the lack of information. The problem is that no house in the estate has come up for sale for over 10 years so I have no more information. However,
the link below is for a house right beside the estate that is also 5 bed, detached and in need of modernisation. The house would be perfect for the family but the price is outrageous as are most of the prices for the 4/5 bed detached houses that are within walking distance of the town, a point made by the other posters. Still though, I am going to make an appointment to view it as I believe somewhere there is a bargain to be done.


Appreciate this is not the exact house,however the sticker price is utterly bizarre.I would pay no more than 300-320k.The other problem you will encounter with the property that you are looking at and which has just come on the market is that … it has just come on the market,the vendors will not be in any rush to take offers or negotiate.

Given your vague description I would offer 99,999 euro, 4 large lead sheets, 2 coils of copper wire, 1 light pig and 3 heavy pigs for such a gaff…no more no less…