WIW 5 Fitzwilliam Point, Ringsend

This just popped up on my weekly check of recently added properties in Dublin 4, seems an outlandish price for a one bed property, even in the dreaded D4?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -4/2696141

What do the Pinsters think?

Bit pricey given this one is a 60k cheaper, a little bigger and in a better location (I think).

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -2/2676210

Agreed, the one in Forbes Quay is a great location, however there’s no parking included, which is a big issue! That would add a good bit on to the asking price methinks.

Wonder how much a parking spot would be. They were 30-40k I’m sure a few years ago.

No idea what they are now, were definitely about 40k at the height of it, maybe a little less now?

You could always rent a space. Think they’re 200 a month in Gallery Quay.

You can get spots for €100/month around this area. Most people renting in town won’t have cars, with renters subletting the parking spots in order to help out with the rent.

As for the apartment in question - absolute madness. €485/sqft to live in the heart of Ringsend (which to me is a huge negative, but may not be to others) is shocking. C3 BER wholly unimpressive for such a recent block and electric storage heaters should not be present in any apartment seeking this much money. There is a 2 bed in the same development asking significantly less. Its one thing buying in an area that is ‘up and coming’ at a serious discount, it is another thing buying in an area that has proven itself to be ungentrifiable during the Celtic Tiger period, and being silly enough to pay Ballsbridge money for it.

Couldn’t agree with you more SoCoDu, even with the increases we’ve seen over the last year, when I saw this I was truly stumped. My only thought was that be accepting a significantly lower price they might convince the buyer they’re getting a great deal. Saying that it’d need to be a heck of a discount from the asking price!

Ridiculous price for this. There are 2-beds going in the nearby Fitzwilliam Quay development for less than the asking of this. They are nice apartments. You do get a lot of sun in to those west-facing balconies in the afternoons. I’d pay it for a 2-bed (with parking) at a stretch. Can’t see it getting this much though.