WIW 5 Kiltipper View, Tallaght, Dublin 24

Hi Folks,

Any opinions on how much lower this should go? Seems nice, maybe 200k? Any case for lower?


Would have thought 5x the avg ind wage (5x38k*=190k) would be on the high side for Tallaght? 3rd br looks very small as well.

  • surely it’s fallen by now

3 X average salary, working class area, 105’000 max

Nice gaff in fairness. Area wouldn’t be considered the best, certainly livable though. €160-170k would give you reasonable repayments on a 25 year mortgage with a 5 year fixed term.

An estate agent in Rathmines told me the only things he had selling were in Crumlin/Drimnagh for about 160k. Perhaps the banks wont lend the average joe more than 160…

If it’s Lowes, part of that is their fault because they are so utterly useless.

Have seen numerous properties in the 240k-300k properties go sale agreed lately. Whether they unagree is another story of course (have seen one unagree, but it went sale agreed asking 320 and the house 3 doors up, a semi rather than mid terrace was asking 250 so no wonder they pulled out)

Ha! It was Lowes aswell.

Even as a rental crew they were horrifically useless.

Lowes have recently listed every house they had on the books in the Rathmines office as being in Rathmines - despite actual location being the aforementioned Crumlin, Drimnagh etc. Maybe it’s not a mistake. It’s a tactic! yesterday they put up a property in Harolds Cross with no description and a photo of an entirely different house.

The sale agreeds are a mix of Sherry Fitz and a couple of smaller agencies btw. I figure a number of them are gone to couples but could be wrong. Re the mortgages - The bank have pre-approved me for 5x my salary and told me I have “massive borrowing potential.” I’d only asked for less than 3x. We’ll see if I ever find a property. It’s ludicrous to think I can repay 5x.