WIW 5 Manders Terrace Ranelagh

Just saw this go up with King & Assoc


£516 / sq foot for a place that needs work, has the luas line touching the terrace and grotty flats next door.

Seems steep compared with 18 Mount Pleasant Square which went sale agreed a few weeks ago which was listed at 1.1m / 513 sq foot and was in turnkey condition with a 90 trophy garden myhome.ie/1873915

That is a totally ridiculous price. Off the scale ridiculous.

The link is myhome.ie/1925219

The Luas (almost literally) goes over the roof of this property.

Tell that to the headline writer at the I.T.

“Serenity and a country feel at the heart of the action”
irishtimes.com/newspaper/pro … 84969.html

Let’s see if it sells :slight_smile:

Personally I think it is overpriced but that damn cat has been shot twice and the f–ker keeps on bouncing.

Look at the house/site in mount Merrion that sold €670k at auction yesterday.

the Cat is alive and kicking dont believe all the negative crap by some of the Pinsters on here.

There are a lot less WIW and commentaries on individual properties recently :frowning:

Good analysis DD

Landlord and ddg obviously share a viewpoint that is not the general pin consensus. Because they meet with a fair amount of opposition they have responded by veering dangerously close to trolling at times (plus there’s Landlord’s egregious use of the smiley icon). But it has to be said that there is some evidence, in the more desirable parts of SCD, of some stabilisation in prices. I am genuinely interested to know how Landlord and ddg see things playing out over the next 6 months or so? :slight_smile:

There is no doubt that there’s an uplift in pricing in parts of Dublin. I don’t think anyone is disputing that. What remains to be seen is whether the uplift is sustainable

Barely 2-3 months ago many pinsters were disputing that prices were stablising (without even considering the heresy that prices might even be rising).

So what’s your feeling as to how things will go over the next six months?

I would say that 4 beds that have parking and are in a reasonable condition in the most desirable areas in SCD are holding at the 1-1.4m level.

This has been the situation for the last 6 - 9 months. How long will they hold who knows. Are they going up in price. I dont think they are.

The jump though in quality from these house types to the “real” trophy houses at the 1.5+ mark is very noticeable, and these prices are dropping without a doubt. It will be interesting to see what happens when the prices of the real trophy houses comes closer to what is being asked today for the Mander Terraces of this world.

If the government said that anyone who refused to buy a house in the next 6 months would have a Swastika tattooed on their forehead, wouldn’t that stabilise prices too?

IMO stabilisation of prices is meaningless unless the reasons behind that stabilisation are known. I would contend that there are very clear reasons for stabilising prices, but none of them are sustainable or a reflection of a neutral process of supply/demand setting a price.

I would be inclined to agree with you, Larry. Of course there is a small cohort of people who remain relatively untouched by our economic woes and it seems that some have slapped their money down in the last few months. I don’t personally see how this can have a significant longterm effect on prices.

Still, I was interested to hear a projection from Landlord or ddg as to how they envisage the rest of the year panning out.

Limiting my comments to SCD

Honestly I do not know.

It all depends on how the cohort who are in stable employment with large deposits react to a rising CSO Index. If we make the assumption the index is running approximately 3 months in arrears than we are going to have at least another 3 months of positive growth. (5+ months in total).

If this cohort gets nervous and charges into the market than we might really see a dead cat bounce.

Personally I am hoping for slow consistent growth from here (3-5% p.a.) with probably a few hicups along the way.

I think actual sales prices have probably increased 5%-10% over the last 6 months (on a like for like basis) but we will only be able to confirm this when the price database is released.

Apartment prices have still some distance to fall and I am surprised with the recent rises reported in the CSO index.

Dublin remains a relatively wealthy European city where the well educated in society are working and earning salaries well in excess of the national average. Some of these people are even getting actual pay rises in addition to the normal promotional rises.

Sale agreed sign on house…

back on myhome.ie


Back on the market again for €1.2m

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/2507466

Can anyone remember what they were looking for last year?