WIW 5 Merton Park, South Circular Rd

80% over asking 8DD

it was priced far too chealy initially, however I’m surprised it has gone over 200k. I saw it and it needs at least 60k to make it habitable - and that would be a pretty basic job, small extension etc.

I knew this would go for over asking, but not by this much. Every other kip in the area is going to command similar prices now. And bear in mind similar properties in BETTER nick were selling for 180 and less in this area in 2012 and 2011. I thought that if and when prices began to rise they would do so slowly. This is like a bad dream.

I just happened to search propertypin for this house after already looking at it and the work that would be needed to do it. I would say there is about 70-80,000 inc VAT to spend on it - new electrical, new plumbing, new heating, damp to walls, new insulated ground floor slab, new double glazed windows, drylining external walls, minor repairs to roof, new bathroom and tiling, new timber floors to ground floor, decoration entire house, new kitchen and appliances, demolition of rear sheds, making good, external landscaping.

I had thought 120k was a reasonable figure for the house, renovation works worth 70-80k, and based on the completed house then being worth 200-220k after works are completed.

If it sells for 220k and the works above are done, is a 2.5 bed really worth 300k ? - 80sqm x €3,750 per sqm? - if so, the housing market has further to fall, is rising again to quickly or this is an absolute anomaly.

this house around the corner has an offer of 212k. I don’t think it has the potential of Merton Park and the area, although close, is not quite as nice.


anyone know what Merton park sold for in the end?

Back on the market today asking €180K. Was originally asking €120K (a cheap tactic by the agent to generate lots of interest?) Regardless. It’s back on. I wonder what happened. I was bidding on this. Dropped out early enough, when there were still around 10 parties bidding and it was heading WAY over asking (last post here said it was at 217). I wonder why none of the underbidders have gone for it? Anyone know anything? I’ll be ringing the agent tomorrow anyway to see how much they’ll give away, but I’m curious in the meantime if anyone has any insider info.


myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -8/2673467

Did you find out what was the story with this in the end??

I’ve friends who live 2/3 minutes walk away from this place…their house has been done over twice in 4 years and one of them was the victim of a random violent assault just off Oscar Square. I wouldn’t live there if I was offered a free house.

Such a ridiculous post.

Not yet live wire. I will find out and let you know though.

Any expansion on this?

What? How did you get to that conclusion? Just adding my personal experience of the area, in the spirit of being helpful to prospective buyers who may not be familiar. I could go on with more stories…literally the last robbery of the house was 6 weeks ago…O’ Caralon Road…

That’s unfortunate. It has always seemed like a nice area to me; I also have friends living nearby who haven’t experienced anything like that.

Yeah it’s a shame, it’s very handy for town & local shops etc. They’ve lovely neighbours too it’s just the riff raff from the flats nearby walking through that cause all the bother, (so say the guards each time these incidents were reported).