WIW - 5 Newtown Villas, Blackrock


This seems to be more or less acurately priced. Has anyone been to see it? [Savills aren’t usually prone to accurate pricing, and Blackrock is quite hot right now, so I’m curious if there’re any obvious problems with it]. I’m also interested in a more experienced view on possible renovation costs. Are we talking 50k, 100k?

No. 14 sold for 250k a couple of years back.

I think that looks very good value. 70 sqm is not bad for a 2 bed cottage, great location beside black rock village and seapiont even if it does require 50 k to do up still think it’s great value. the back yard at 22 ft by 15 ft is still big enough to sit out in. It will need a cash rich buyer. Don’t think banks are lending money to do up places

Even if it’s a dump inside, that’s good value for a cottage in Blackrock.
I would be amazed if it doesn’t go well above the asking.

One here for €265k (although maybe a stale price).

That is a “get it gone quick to a cash buyer” price. It is about the right price - but relative to everything else it screams value.

Any information on the proposed development of the Mazda Garage premises to the rear of the property ?? It is zoned residentialcommercial. I expect there will be a block of apartments built in the future.

Now accepting offers of over 255K.

The extension is damp and would need to be demolished and replaced; the original house consists of living room and small bed room, maybe 40ish sq m.

Is there panic in the market that is letting people put insane money on these properties?

As much as I like talking up the market things are starting to go crazy. Goodbye 2011 prices, hello 2010 prices.

Let’s hope the dead cat stops bouncing otherwise we will be reintroducing ourselves to 2009 prices.

Gasp. LL is that you? Shocked!

I am hoping for 6% price growth not 25%.

The madness is starting again which is in the interests of a long term investor.

255k is crazy considering there is a huge vacant site to the rear…the old Mazda garage which is zoned residential …???

It will remain open space for a good few years yet regardless of the zoning

I viewed this place on Saturday, auctioneer said there was an offer of E155,000 made on Friday but an offer of E240,000 was made that morning. The place requires ALOT of work, there is alot of damp in the living/dining room. The auctioneer referred me to an ad to let on daft of a neighbouring house that has been let for E1550 per month! The house had been fully refurbished but still I feel at that price to rent it is overpriced. If the 240 bid is genuine I think they must have rocks in their head as 6 stradbrook cottages which is gone sale agreed was last asking E220,000 (after being reduced) and required no refurbishment.

This is madness. When you think the turn key apartments you can get for similar money.

At 150 - I’d buy it tomorrow. At 250 - that should be turn key money. Madness - residential property tax will sort this.

EA called today and said offer was at 240K; she wasn’t really interested in listening how insane I thought the price was. :smiley:

I have a feeling these offers mightn’t actually be real. Though I do still think it will go for low to mid 200’s; still making it at least a 300K++ to get it up to scratch.

Clara I tend to agree with you, I don’t think these are genuine offers. This is coming from the same estate agents who told my OH they were “delighted” that they managed to sell my neighbours’ house (which has mentioned on this forum), guess what they never sold it and my neighbours ended up switching estate agents :unamused: If the offer is genuine they are crazy, the house is not in good condition and in fairness resembles a bit of a cave inside!

SALE AGREED. I expect then it was for around the 240k. I know someone who viewed and confirmed the bidding was around that level.

Big price for a big project - nice location but you would not want to be planning on a baby in the next 5 years.

Sold for 272 at the time, next door number 6 now for sale for 495
irishtimes.com/life-and-styl … -1.2973922

Wow! Oh to have had the mula back in 2012 :open_mouth: