WIW - 5 Parnell Road, Harolds Cross, D6W 650k


List Price: €650,000 / €290/sq ft
Dimensions: 208 sqm, 2239 sqft,

I think this is an odd one.

The house looks great from the front. Inside looks like it has been decorated and kitchen looks new. Not sure how extensive the works are though - was it re-insulated etc (BER Exempt).

However, I note that there are a lot of planning applications submitted on this & adjoining properties and I can’t find the 2004 one approving the 2 story rear extension. There are compliance conditions relating to it & requests for additional details APP # 4792/04 and these include pre renovation photos showing the property was in a very sorry state with huge problems. It seems the owner may also own a number of properties in the vicinity which he sought to develop and had lots of issues (in fact in older apps i read there were a number of related enforcement notices).

With respect to opening up the downstairs, the last app I read suggested increasing the ope between the living room & the kitchen would be detrimental to the downstairs fire place (which is at an odd angle). However, I’m sure you could come to some arrangement with the planners to open it up somehow.

It fronts onto the canal so maybe insurance might be a problem, however it is a very large property, with character and possibly potential. Big front drive & big rear garden.

I’d be interested to hear peoples thoughts on this. I’m not overly familiar with the area - obviously road in front would be very very busy.

The canal won’t be an issue for insurance, but I believe the poddle runs underground quite close to this house.

Plenty of chatter about this stretch of road in previous threads


now sale agreed

myhome.ie/residential/brochure/5 … 12/3260090

The owner of this house owned the house next door, I believe (no 4). It has just sold at Allsop auction for 535. This area flooded in 2011

Back up for sale and on view again tomorrow
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 12/3260090

Given the planning history of this house, I wonder if there’s an issue

Around there has flooded a few times?

Yes. That is the issue. We viewed that house last summer. It has a fabulous big and sunny back garden and loads of parking at the front. The layout of the house is awkward though we felt. But the main problem is the history of flooding which could make it a tricky one to pull off for a non-cash buyer. The EA had a spiel ready regarding flood defences that had been built since then or something. Anyway I feel sorry for the vendors. It wasn’t the house for us but that back garden could really be something. It was enormous (if a bit overgrown at the moment) and flooded with sun the day we viewed it.

On the PPR now sold for €605,000