WIW 5 Rockfield Park Brittas Bay

I have been dreaming about a holiday house for a while. I had been thinking of a mobile home but which actually like to own something rather than just pay charges on a site every year.

Any thoughts?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … ureMapWrap

There is a site at Cornngower park 200 metres from that at 50k but the restrictions to build are petty if your not a local.
But if you are a local and you have that 400k to spend you could do a lot and have a lot left over.
On the other hand if you want a holiday home there is a lot a 100k will get you but not so close to the coast.
I was in the market for the site but the thing is Brittas Bay only has the beach to offer and the nearest pub and shop is 2 miles from Cornagower Park,and the council restrictions just seals the deal why sites cant sell in Wicklow.

The whole dreaming about holiday homes intrigues me. Why spend 400k on something you only use the odd weekend and a few weeks in summer. Surely cheaper to just rent something for the weeks you want. Also you have to maintain it while you’re not living there, pay bills and taxes, clear out the mice, rats and maybe even larger squatters. In the winter you worry about snow, floods, leaks and bursts etc.

If you rent something the owner has it nice and clean when you arrive, leaves towels and stuff, pays the bills etc. You never have to worry about it.

Also what if you get fed up with holidaying in your holiday home, I mean there are lots of lovely places, Brittas Bay is nice but is it nice enough to go there that much? Is there that many exciting things to do? To see? You could have a whole lot of great holidays for your 400k plus interest.

What if the people who live there now can’t afford to live there no more and places are left empty and end up trees growing through the middle of them and cows shitting all over them - would Brittas Bay turn into a symbol for an entirely different kind of status.

I am not being deliberately negative but I am seriously not seeing any upside. Can anyone tell me why people have this dream.

Maybe someone can put me right. What am I missing?

@ honeysuckle

I’ve thought about this too, here are a couple of things that at least partially explains it.

Certainty: Going somewhere for the first time can be exciting, but it also brings risk. If you stay in a nice hotel there’s probably not a whole lot of risk, but for people with families who want more independence/self-catering type of holiday, a holiday home brings a certain element or risk. This makes it difficult for people to relax and look forward to their holiday which for a lot of people is half the fun.
If you have your own place then you have that piece of mind, you are also going to a place where you have a build up of good memories which adds to the relaxing element as more and more it feels a home away from home.

All that said I still think time shares, where available, are the way to go because you get almost all the benefits, and very few of the stresses.

Hi clairec,
How about trying to go splitseys on it with some other people. Noticed someone trying to do just that here, sharespark.com/46

As an aside I thought it was intersting that there’s someone who currently owns a gaff (which is rented out) on that sharespark site looking to see if they can get an ‘investor’ in to share the equity. Micro financing of a sort, which if handled right could lead to a time-share in Ireland

I’m still not feeling it - to me the burdens - both financial and practical I mentioned above would stop me relaxing and I prefer to keep my memories in my head.


I wouldn’t buy it or any other holiday home at 400k. I was thinking about half that or less. More realistically probably a mobile home for 50k :smiley:

But why? It wouldn’t be for a few weeks , the plan would be to use for most of the summer and Easter holidays as well as other weekends. I think it gives children the freedom that they don’t get in the city centre where the traffic is too busy and the friends too far away to just let them roam around.

Are my eyes deceiving me or does that ad say 850 sq.ft ???!!! In other words, best part of €500/sq.ft. for a Wicklow holiday home?? I suppose there will always be suckers.

Forty-five minutes further down the east coast you can easily buy for under €200/sq.ft. today beside dramatically less crowded beaches than Brittas Bay (and no I don’t mean Courtown or Kilmuckridge – I mean places you would actually like to stay).